R&D measures

„Intelektas. Bendri mokslo-verslo projektai“

Budget of the measure: EUR 43,07 million. 

Applicants: Private legal entities and public institutions (except for higher education and research institutions) engaged in research and experimental development activity. 

Partners: private legal persons or organisations promoting science and research.

Financed activities:
Applied research, experimental (technological) development activity such as product prototype development and demonstration, pilot project development, testing and verification in an environment that simulates realistic conditions, initial company investment into the development of existing research and experimental development infrastructure, accreditation of laboratories in companies.

„Inogeb LT“

Budget of the measure: EUR 3,1 million. 

Applicants: public legal persons (science and technology parks, innovation centres, technological incubators). 

Partners: public legal persons (science and technology parks, innovation centres, technological incubators).

Financed activities: 
Innovation consulting for very small, small and medium enterprises.

„InoConnect LT“

Budget of the measure: EUR 1,4 million. 

Applicants: private legal persons and public legal persons (science and technology parks, cluster coordinators).

Partners: none. 

Financed activities: 
Participation in  international research events and experimental development initiatives, information about which is provided by organisations from  the Enterprise Europe Network. 

„InoKlaster LT“

Budget of the measure: EUR 18,3 million.


„SmartParkas LT“

Budget of the measure: EUR 12,9 million. 

Applicants: state and local government public institutions and other legal persons that are directly or indirectly (through other economic entities) under the decisive influence of the state or local government and whose projects (planned for implementation) are recognized as projects of great economic importance to the state. 

Partners: operators of industrial parks and free economic zones.

Financed activities: 
1. Investment into building services and transportation links of existing industrial parks and free economic zones or industrial parks and free economic zones in development.
2. Improvement of marketing for industrial parks and free economic zones and of the image of business conditions in the country that would benefit the investment project.

„SmartInvest LT“

Budget of the measure: EUR 4,8 million. 

Applicants: public enterprise „Invest Lithuania“. 

Partners: none. 

Financed activities:
Attracting quality foreign direct investment in the field of research and experimental development according to smart specialisation strategies and in other related fields. 

„Smart FDI“

Budget of the measure: EUR 26,8 million.

Applicants: private legal persons (foreign investors or branches of foreign companies).

Partners: a very small, small or medium enterprise must be involved for the third activity, if the applicant is a large enterprise.

Financed activities:
1. Applied research and experimental development. 
2. Initial company investment in the creation or development of existing R&D infrastructure (including a pilot line). 
3. Activities related to the introduction of processes and organisational innovation. 

„Ikiprekybiniai pirkimai LT“

Budget of the measure: EUR 18,3 million.

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Last updated: 14-01-2019. 

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