Vision, mission

LBSA's vision – a professional and reliable partner in project management while developing innovative and advanced Lithuania in united Europe.

LBSA’s mission is to promote the growth of the Lithuanian business, innovation and competitiveness while efficiently administrating the projects financed by the EU structural funds.

Our values:
•    Professionalism.
•    Cooperation.
•    Transparency.
•    Improvement.

•    To contribute to the transparent and economically justified allocation of European Union structural funding;
•    To ensure the efficient administration of projects and supervision of their implementation;
•    To ensure the availability and dissemination of relevant and comprehensive information on the funding administered by LBSA.

The Lithuanian Business Support Agency (LBSA) is a non-profit institution established by the Ministry of Economy administering the European Union funds granted for the development of Lithuanian business, R&D, tourism, and energy sectors.

Being at the service of some of the most demanding and dynamic clients – Lithuanian business enterprises –LBSA has set itself the ambitious goal of creating and developing an organization that would prioritize satisfying customer expectations, keep pace with up-to-date management standards and principles, place importance on risk assessment in the business environment, advanced project management methods, public relations, human resources management, and expert assessment.

Last updated: 17-04-2018