Smart sensors and controllers, robots, digitization of production processes now are inseparable features of advanced and promising Lithuanian companies. During the last five years LVPA together with business have contributed with investments amounting EUR 415 m.

There are four projects in LVPA portfolio which promote digitization of companies‘ production and management processes: DPT for Industry LT+, Industry Digitization LT, Digital Innovation Hubs and Regio Potential LT.

It amounts to more than 23% of all LVPA financed projects (totalling EUR 2.6 bn) and makes EUR 602.1 m.

“Today ingnoring consistent digitization means standing still and being overtaken by competitors very soon. Big demand for EU digitization investment during the last few years shows, that businesses, seeking to grow and to be among the market leaders or to cath up with them, understand it very well“ , - emphasizes LVPA director Aurimas Želvys.

Amounts of EU investments allocated are: Industry Digitization LT – EUR 289.1 m, Regio Potential LT – 52.4, DPT for Industry LT+ - 43.2, Digital Innovation Hubs – 29.9.

LVPA head Mr Želvys emphasizes that Regio Potential LT project is specifically aimed at digitization of regional business, notwithstanding the distance from economic centers. „Each of ten regions received certain specified  amount, and only companies from that same region could compete“, – reminds Mr Želvys.

According to Mr Želvys it is very important that EU structural assistance supports not only creation of infrastructure, but also coordinators of innovation groups, which create sustainable and value added generating services. LVPA supported Digital Innovation Hubs project is about this. Currently we have 18 digital innovation hubs registered at smart specialization platform.

According to data of statistics portal Statista, planned worldwide spending for digital transformation amount to USD 2.3 tr.

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