Pramuštgalvis, a company that has been operating in Šiauliai for almost three decades, has strengthened its competitive edge in the market with the support of EU Structural Funds. The company had a clear vision for development – to move away from environmentally polluting production solutions when all it needed for a qualitative change was additional investment provided by the Innovation Agency Lithuania.

‘This was the first EU Structural Funds project in which our company was involved. We were just planning to modernise our advertising production area when the ‘Regio Potential LT’ measure was open for applications and the investment instruments suitable for us were provided. We already had a specific need, we had done our homework, we knew what, where and how we needed to buy – so we didn't need to do anything additional’, says Lijana Juzėnienė, Commercial Director of UAB Pramuštgalvis.

With the support of the EU Structural Funds, the company has purchased a wide-format printer, an automatic volume letter folding roller machine for folding aluminium and steel volume letters, and an aluminium laser welding machine.
Darius Balčiūnas, Director of UAB Pramuštgalvis, is pleased with the increasing production volumes and says that the project will certainly contribute to the company’s prompt execution of orders, increase of income and labour productivity. The company’s goal is to meet the needs of its customers and to ensure that they do not go unnoticed.

‘The pandemic year was a difficult year for us, as it was for everyone, and we could not immediately achieve our targets. But now we are happy, we are fully operational and, as planned, we are producing only aluminium letters. We still use about one per cent of polluting plastic letters. We have been working with new equipment for almost a couple of years now. The investment was wise and timely; after all, EU directives and other legal acts oblige us to work in a sustainable way. Business representatives are also thinking about it more and more – we are receiving significantly more advertising orders than before’, says Juzėnienė.

She said the administration of the investment project, which was funded by the Innovation Agency Lithuania, was not difficult for the company. ‘It’s not complicated – you just need to have the wish. There are no problems, and the Agency’s specialists are always kind and sincere in helping, advising and listening’.

The Innovation Agency Lithuania specialists overseeing the project were pleased with the quality of the cooperation, the growth rates achieved and the commitment of the project partners to ending the production of polluting plastics. ‘This is another good example of business growth in the country’s regions. In the new financial period, the support of new clients doing business in the regions of western and central Lithuania will be a priority, and the role of the Innovation Agency Lithuania as a business partner in strengthening the competitiveness of companies will become more and more important’, says Agnė Vaitkūnienė, Director of the Innovation Agency Lithuania Investment Management Department.

UAB Pramuštgalvis has successfully implemented the project ‘Implementation of Modern Technologies in Advertising Production’ co-financed by the EU Structural Funds and the company’s funds under the measure ‘Regio Potential LT’ of the Operational Programme for EU Structural Funds Investment. The European Regional Development Fund provided funding of EUR 41,548.18. The total value of the project is EUR 63,920.28.

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