On the initiative of the Ministry of Finance, the competition for the best European Union funds investment projects in Lithuania – ‘European Sails 2022’ – starts today. The fourteenth edition of the competition is aimed at evaluating and presenting to the public the best projects financed by EU funds that bring the greatest value to people, the country and the state. For the first time in the history of the competition, people will be able to nominate their favourite projects.

‘Since the first EU investments two decades ago, almost EUR 20 billion has been invested in Lithuania. These funds from the then Europeans changed our country, mainly by fulfilling basic infrastructure needs. Today, when we talk about the investments already made by us, the Europeans, reaching Lithuania, we set ourselves completely different goals. These include high growth of the economy with high added value, and a breakthrough in energy transformation and renewable energies. It is the start of digitisation and innovation in everyday life and science, high-quality education, social and medical services provided equally for all, and the smooth further development of the whole country. Every day, together, we are building a new, sustainable Lithuania that boldly meets the challenges of the future’, said Gintarė Skaistė, Minister of Finance.

This year, project promoters will compete in seven categories:
The Most Innovative Solutions. This award draws attention to companies that introduce new technologies in their operations, invest in processes and the development of new products and services.

Creating a Sustainable Environment. This category assesses solutions that improve the quality of life and save the environment and energy. The nomination is intended for projects in which EU investments are directed to the beautification of the public environment, infrastructure renewal, and renewable energy solutions and adaptation to the needs of modern people. Projects that already contribute to the idea of ​​the ‘European Green Deal’ are especially welcome.

Investing in the School of the Future. This award is for projects that have developed new tools for the educational process, introduced modern distance learning systems and integrated STEAM activities into educational subjects. It also allows for solutions that promote creativity in schools.

Efficiency in Medicine. The award is open for projects that have been able to change quickly in times of crisis by offering more advanced technological solutions for medicine, and complex healthcare services for families and society.
Investing in People. Projects that have used EU investment in a targeted and effective way to create social initiatives, and anything that increases the diversity of opportunities to people and improves their quality of life, are available for nomination.
Creating Community. The nomination is intended for projects that have successfully increased communication between residents, involved community members in achieving common goals and an active social life.

The Most Interesting Small Business Projects. This nomination seeks unconventional small business projects that create products, trade marks or services never seen before on the market.

The evaluation committee, composed of experts from different fields and well-known representatives of the public, media and academic world, will evaluate the applications and select the winners in the categories. This year’s winners will be announced and awarded at an event in Vilnius at the end of September and on the partner news portal
Half of the votes in the Small Business category will be determined by the readers of the news portal 15min, who will evaluate the submitted projects in the Small Business category by online voting 14–20 September.
For more information on the European Sails 2022 competition, click here.
If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].

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