Lithuanian Business Support Agency (LVPA) is a public sector institution which implements national strategies and programs assisting Lithuanian business development and increasing its international competitiveness, helping with investments, applied scientific research and experimental development, implementation of modern technologies, digitalization, eco innovations, renewable energy, tourism, it administers financing from EU structural funds and state budget, disseminates information requirements and distribution of EU assistance.

During finacial perspective of 2014-2020 LVPA administers 44 EU investment projects - 29 projects owned by Ministry of Economics and Innovation and 15 projects by Ministry of Energy, it has extensive experience in business project consulting, evaluation, implementation and project development. Agency concentrates on development of organizational competences, oriented towards reliable and professional implementation of modern technologies, digitalization, scientific research and experimental development products, prototypes and beta versions development, green innovations, renewables infrastructure projects management meeting EU requirements.

Agency has signed contracts with 2792 clients all over Lithuania during 16 years. All contracts are worth EUR 4,8 bn, from this amount EUR 2,7 bn from EU funds, remaining EUR 2,1 bn – own funding of the companies implementing projects.

Number of projects signed is 6637: more than three and a half thousands business and enterpreneurship support projects,, close to one thousand and a half energy sector projects, more than thousnd scientific research and experimental development projects, almost five hundred tourism projects.


Lithuanian Business Support Agency (LVPA)


And strive that every euro invested would create the greatest value for Lithuanian business innovation, competitiveness and economic growth.


The development and competitiveness of the Lithuanian economy through targeted investments of the European Union in business, R&D, innovation, energy and tourism with a special focus on Lithuanian regions.


Reliable partnerships for professional project management in the business, R&D, innovation, tourism and energy sectors.


Professionalism, cooperation, transparency and improvement.
  • We participate in the implementation of national strategies, programmes and other initiatives aimed at developing the Lithuanian economy and increasing its international competitiveness.
  • We administer projects financed by national and EU structural funds.
  • We provide services and information to natural and legal persons related to the use of national and EU structural funds to implement projects.  


To be a reliable and professional project management partner in the business, R&D and innovation, tourism and energy sectors seeking to find and finance the best ideas paying special attention to Lithuanian regions.


To ensure that every euro invested creates the greatest value for Lithuanian business innovation, competitiveness and economic growth.



We get actively involved in setting goals, formulating tasks, make substantiated and responsible decisions, insightfully manage risks and constructively overcome challenges, this ensuring sustainable results.


We share best practices, deal with each other, clients and partners collegially and with respect.


We assure transparency and integrity, our principles, decisions and actions are consistent.


Guided by international professional standards, we constantly improve our competences and apply innovative solutions.

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