Today world celebrates information society day, based on call to action by International Telecommunications Union (ITU) „accelerate the digital transformation in challenging times”. The year of pandemic showed that digitization helped to deal with enormous challenge and move work, businesses, services and trade to the digital space. Lithuanian Business Support Agency (LVPA) emphasizes that there was a huge interest by applicants in projects supporting the digital innovations. During 2020 and up to now, 148 new contracts have been signed, worth EUR 184.2 m.

Last year LVPA announced calls for projects Industry Digitization LT and Digital Innovation Centers to invest in digitization of manufacturing processes and implementation of digital innovations.

Under Industry Digitization LT project, 144 contrats have been signed and EUR 60 m of EU funds allocated for investment.  It turned out that the most active applicants were producers of furniture, metal, rubber and plastic goods as well as food industry.

LVPA director Aurimas Želvys claims that the world information society day is an important celebration helping us to see multidimentional breakthrough based on today’s technologies.

„Celebrating this day it is important to talk about clients’ choice to invest in digitization of business and science services. Such a decision helped them to successfully deal with challenges of pandemic, to make employees more secure and better arrange processes. New EU financial perspective will bring more opportunities for information society and digital“, – says Mr Želvys.

He also reminds about one more project – Digital Innovation Centers. Four applicants out of eleven were awarded contracts, amount of EU funding allocated is EUR 17.7 m. The project is aimed to encourage investment in digital innovations by providing industrial companies with newest information, expert assistance and access to infrastructure and technologies.

Total cost of projects to be supported is EUR 184.2 m, 77.5 m of this amount is EU funding, and 106.7 m co-financing by companies.

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