On 15 June, Alytus celebrates its 440th anniversary. The largest city in southern Lithuania is actively investing EU funds and rapidly implementing projects to strengthen the business environment and energy. According to data from the Lithuanian Business Support Agency (LBSA), Alytus has a total of 56 completed and ongoing EU investment projects in the latest EU funding period, and there are 121 in the whole county.

According to the LBSA, the value of EU investment projects implemented in Alytus in the 2014−2020 period amounts to almost EUR 44.2 million of which over EUR 22 million is EU funding. Looking at the county as a whole, the value of the projects rises to EUR 83.3 million with the share of EU funds in the projects exceeding EUR 39.4 million.

‘Alytus is an active and vibrant city successfully leveraging EU investment and channelling it into areas of strategic importance. Alytus County ranks sixth in Lithuania in terms of the number of EU projects completed and under implementation. It has the highest concentration of EU funds in business promotion projects with over EUR 16 million allocated. This is followed by the energy sector where over EUR 14 million of EU funds have been invested. We wish this city further sustainable growth and successful development,’ says Aurimas Želvys, Director of the LBSA.

In the last EU programming period, in the whole Alytus county there were 66 completed and implemented projects in the field of business, 28 projects in the field of energy, 20 projects in the field of R&D and 8 projects in the field of tourism.
In total, 289 EU investment projects have been completed and are still under implementation in Alytus county since 2004 in cooperation with the LBSA. The value of the contracts for these projects amounts to EUR 284 million. The EU funding amounts to over EUR 151 million and the project promoters’ own funds amount to almost EUR 133 million.

This year, the Alytus City Birthday Celebration ‘Time Unites’ will take place on 19−20 June and will extend to various places in the city: in the Youth Park, at the White Rose Bridge (in Lithuanian Baltosios rožės tiltas), in the City Garden, at the Great Carpenter’s Lake (in Lithuanian Didžiosios Dailidės ežeras) and in the Town Hall Square. Throughout the weekend, Alytus residents will be invited to take part in sports and artistic activities. During the celebration, all government instructions must be followed, spectator registration will be enforced where necessary and crowds will be limited.

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