Cherry servers: we have invested heavily in process management, automation and standardization as we used eu investment in a targeted way

Lithuanian Business Support Agency presents the success story of Cherry Servers, a provider of server rental, hosting and cloud services that has established itself in international markets after having implemented EU investments administered by the Lithuanian Business Support Agency, as Artūras Lazejevas, CEO of Cherry Servers, shares his experience and business ideas.

The information technology sector is not an exclusive sector

When asked about the uniqueness and business success of Cherry Servers, Artūras Lazejevas says that all companies face similar challenges: ‘All companies seem to see themselves as unique and think their sector is particularly fast-paced or complex. We are also of the same opinion as the IT industry is indeed very fast changing and you need to be able to adapt quickly to changing needs of consumers, not to stick to one technology, as what was relevant five years ago may no longer be relevant today. Enterprises need to monitor business environment closely and respond accordingly.’

However, A. Lazejevas notes that the IT sector is distinguished only by one aspect - most clients are engineers and for them it is important that everything runs smoothly. ‘Often our clients are not very eager to communicate, so they choose us because all our services are automated and do not require human intervention. I think that those who want to do the work independently choose us as we offer 24/7 service. Our ambition is to achieve that the customers do everything themselves while we are nearby in case they need us. We offer a very easy-to-use service and this is one of the reasons for our company’s success.’

Benefits of EU investments

The head of Cherry Servers believes that Lithuanian companies should search for ways to innovate and EU investments are a great opportunity for business.

To reduce energy consumption and environmental impact, Cherry Servers is currently installing an innovation that has been successfully implemented in Scandinavian data centres, i.e. a new and eco-friendly data centre module that helps to reduce power consumption, improves business performance and increases productivity.

‘EU investment has brought us very significant benefits. Our company revenue depends on our fleet of servers. As we have been operating for many years, the server fleet was getting older. Customers no longer wanted to buy our servers because they consumed too much electricity. EU investment has helped us modernize equipment and adapt new, modern, and automated technology that consumes electricity much more efficiently,’ says Lazejevas.  
Process optimisation

The company also implemented a project during which an innovative management system was installed in compliance with ISO / IEC27001 and ISO / IEC20000-1 standards, which allowed Cherry Servers to ensure effective management of information security and IT services.

A. Lazejevas notes that the EU investment in addition to the direct results of the project also brought additional benefits: ‘When implementing ISO standards, we needed to introduce, standardize and describe all business processes. It has made our company more mature and sustainable and provided the opportunity to grow without increasing the number of employees. Labour force of specialists has become very expensive in the labour market; therefore, process management has helped us to curb this threat. The centralized procurement process was also born after reviewing all the other processes. During the implementation of ISO, we have noticed that the procurement process helps to cover many other processes - capacity, budget planning. We have invested heavily in process control, automation and standardization through the targeted use of EU investment.’

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