Scientists say that a person stands for 30 years, sits for 17 years and walks for 16 years. We sleep for a third of our lives, work for 24.5 years and exercise for 1 year and 4 months. Canadian scientists have calculated that we spend 7 years of our lives just lying in bed, for 420 days we are sick with something more serious than a cold, and 500 days with a runny nose. Some people think that we spend 1.3 years in shops, others that we spend 8 years.
In a lifetime, the person answers 45,228 phone calls on average and talks on the phone for 3 years of their life. We spend 4.3 years driving a car, sitting in traffic jams – 3 months, looking for a parking space – 106 days, waiting for a green traffic light – 2 weeks, filling out various documents – 305 days, filling out tax returns – 3–6 days, read for 250 days and we stand in queues for 140 days.

Lithuanian scientists did not perform such global calculations, but on 6 September 1919, the Department of General Statistics was established. This date is considered to be the beginning of Lithuanian state statistics, and Lithuanian statisticians celebrate their professional holiday on 6 September every year. In Lithuania, official statistics are prepared and managed by the Lithuanian Department of Statistics and other 37 state institutions and bodies.

Arūnas Burinskas, Deputy Director of the Investment Management Service of the Lithuanian Business Support Agency, when congratulating colleagues on their professional holiday, says that the agency’s clients will not have to spend so much time filling in paperwork. In the last period 2014–2020 alone, the agency evaluated 4,942 applications, awarded 3,600 contracts, successfully completed 1,840 projects and is currently administering 1,546 contracts. The staff of the LBSA are constantly working to ensure that the EUR 2,682,483,173.67 portfolio reaches the people of Lithuania as soon as possible, so that as much of the public as possible can benefit from the technical support part of this portfolio.

According to British scientists, we spend 2.5 years cooking and 3.5–7 years eating. Smokers spend an average of 14 years of their lives smoking. The Germans calculate that they spend 5 years in front of the TV and the Americans estimate 9 years. We spend 11.4 years looking at various screens and technological devices. We spend 5 years surfing the internet, and another 4 years fiddling with our smartphones. It says that we spend 11 years at a computer, whereas back in 1993 it was estimated that we spend only a year at a computer.

We spend 3 years in the toilet, 1.5 years washing and for 39 or 92 days we brush our teeth. Men spend 140 days shaving, 177 days getting ready, 3 months waiting for their women to get ready. According to Cosmopolitan magazine, women spend 3 years of their lives in front of the mirror. For 1 year, women decide what to wear. They spend 108 days getting their hair done, 531 days dressing up and 50 days crying.

We communicate for 2 years, spend 504 days flirting, 375 days being angry. We spend 6 years travelling, 9 years entertaining. We fantasise for 4 years and dream for 6 years, we kiss only for 2–3 weeks. Sociologists say that a person spends 7.5 hours a day alone socialising on social networks. We look at the clock for 3 days. A person laughs for only 115 days and a person is happy for only 330 days.

Thank you for spending three minutes and let us be happy more often.

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