The start of the busy heating season is a reminder of the importance of renewable energy sources (RES) not only for individuals but also for businesses, which need energy for their production processes. Last year, the Lithuanian Business Support Agency (LBSA) launched a call for proposals for the ‘Renewable Energy Sources for Industry LT+’ (Atsinaujinantys energijos ištekliai pramonei LT+) measure, which resulted in 171 contracts signed and almost EUR 32 million in non-refundable subsidies.

Reduced costs

Granulita, a company based in Radviliškis district, has been producing green energy for 15 years and has benefited from the LBSA call.  The company produces wood pellets that are used as biofuel in urban boiler houses, private households and thermal power plants. Granulita supplies around 100,000 tonnes of top-quality products to European Union consumers every year.

‘A few years ago, we decided to conduct an energy audit in the company to assess the efficiency of use of energy and other resources, and to propose cost-effective measures to improve energy efficiency. After receiving the audit findings, we installed a 1,300 kWp solar power system on the company’s premises, which generates around 1,200 MWh per year and supplies the company with almost 20% of its electricity,’ says Girmantas Praninskas, Director of Granulita.

Metal halide lamps have been replaced by LEDs, which has helped reduce electricity consumption for lighting by as much as 70%. The modernisation of the raw material drying line has led to a 10% increase in productivity and a reduction in fuel consumption.

Work will be continued

‘I believe that one of the indicators of a successful business in the future will be the use of renewable energy in production, so I congratulate those who are taking steps towards this without waiting and are already enjoying the results,’ says the LBSA Director Aurimas Želvys.

Granulita has received EUR 500,000 in funding from the LBSA for the implementation of this project, with a total project value of EUR 952,000.

‘Without the support of the LBSA, we would probably not have been willing to make such investments. However, we are now happy with the decision we have taken and believe that the investment will pay off in 6–7 years.  The cooperation with the LBSA has been smooth throughout the implementation period, and the Agency’s staff are good specialists in their field,’ said the director of Granulita.

The company promises to continue investing in renewable energy in its production by providing green energy to others.

‘We are satisfied that we have decided to produce biofuels, thus contributing to the production of renewable energy and the reduction of CO2 emissions, and the newly built solar panel system has further strengthened our position in this area’, Praninskas added.

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