EU investment enabled UAB Altechna R&D to place laser machine-tools on the market

Lasers are one of the strongest fields of science and industry in Lithuania. EU investment instrument ‘Intellect. Joint Science-Business Projects‘ has enabled UAB Altechna R&D to place laser machine-tools on the market creating greater added value.
The next generation laser products

Based on its achievements in experimental research and application of laser radiation, and transparent material interactions, and on the experience of its project partner UAB MGF Šviesos Konversija in the development and application of laser systems and parametric light generators, UAB Altechna R&D has developed three new products for high precision processing of semiconductors and dielectrics using laser machine-tools within the framework of the project ‘Development of an optical module integrated with a femtosecond laser for laser processing machine-tools’. These devices consist of an integrated laser system combining a femtosecond laser system and an optical module for micro-processing of materials, as well as a new generation femtosecond laser system for industrial processes, and a new optical element - a spatially modulated wave plate for specific applications.
These new products are intended for laser machine-tool manufacturers supplying machine-tool equipment to the microelectronics industry, which requires high precision partitioning material structures used in semiconductor device manufacturing to increase production efficiency and reduce raw material waste and defective output.
‘The light-forming element we install in the module can cost up to EUR 4 000 depending on the complexity. Optical module can cost from EUR 30 000 up to EUR 50 000. Meanwhile, the entire laser engine can cost up to EUR 250 000 and the machine-tool itself may cost more than EUR 2 million. With this machine-tool we can earn from EUR 2 million up to EUR 10 million per year. The farther we travel along this chain, the more benefits we can bring to the industry,’ says Dr. Antanas Urbas, the representative of UAB Altechna R&D.
EU investment provides opportunities for growth

The project did not end there - these modules are further developed. ‘We have received financial support for the project which will incorporate these modules into multi-purpose laser machine-tools and we will introduce them as products with higher added value,’ says Dr. Antanas Urbas.
Operational programme for the European Union funds’ investments covers many stages of business development - from the development of a new prototype to the placement of a product on the market. The sustainability of EU investments is ensured by balanced and tailor-made business investment instruments as well as by a well-defined business objective and future growth prospects.  

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