Yesterday, the event of business leaders ‘Gazelė 2021’, which travelled all over Lithuania, finished in Vilnius. The conference was attended by almost 600 participants. More than 110 entrepreneurs communicated live, and another 460 watched the event online. Aurimas Želvys, Head of the Lithuanian Business Support Agency (LBSA), welcomed the participants and presented the details of the European Union Investments in the period of 2014–2020 to increase the competitiveness of the country’s business.

‘The staff of the LBSA organisation are not only involved in the administration of EU investments. These are the functions delegated to us, but we understand ourselves as a reliable and professional project management business service centre, whose solutions can directly help the Lithuanian economy. The project economy is gaining ground in the world, with all the most advanced business organisations making the most of change through projects. Especially now, in the post-pandemic period, we all understand that the future depends on innovation and technology, so it is very important and we are happy to contribute to the common goal. Our client is a business that does not allow us to break away, encourages us to learn to be a fast and efficient partner, receptive to productivity and change,’ said Želvys.

‘The most important work for the LBSA today is to expeditiously complete the evaluation and contracting of business applications for the ‘E-Commerce Model’, ‘Creative Vouchers ‘and ‘Smart invest LT+’ instruments. During the pandemic period, when we started using digitisation solutions for the submission of applications, we received many more applications. The ‘E-Commerce model’ measure, with EUR 40 million in funding, broke all-time records in terms of the number of projects submitted – we received applications for EUR 57 million. We had EUR 7 million earmarked for the ‘Creative Vouchers’ measure and received applications six times the amount of funds. The acceptance of applications for the ‘Smart invest LT+’ measure ended yesterday, and we received 36 applications requesting EUR 49.3 million in EU investment for the implementation of projects, which is 2.5 times more than the call budget of EUR 20 million,’ he added.

According to Želvys, in 2021 it is foreseen to launch calls for applications for the promotion of creative industries in accordance with the descriptions of the measures of the Ministry of Culture React EU funds (‘Incentives for designers: design wings’ (Paskatos dizaino kūrėjams: Dizaino sparnai), ‘Incentives to improve the infrastructure of cultural and creative industries enterprises’ (Paskatos gerinti kultūros ir kūrybinių industrijų įmonių infrastruktūrą), ‘Incentives for the cultural and creative industries sector to develop competitive cultural products’ (Paskatos kultūros ir kūrybinių industrijų sektoriui kurti konkurencingus kultūros produktus)).

Želvys: ‘The data shows where business is moving and changing, and how the living history of Lithuanian business projects is being created. Today, 1,600 business projects have been completed for the 2014–2020 period, another 1,700 are under implementation and over 1,000 more will be contracted in early 2022,’.

The collected data show that Vilnius has always been the engine of the country’s business projects, with more than 200 projects in Vilnius County being implemented by ‘Gazelė’ companies.

The Director of the LBSA listed the LBSA’s clients such as AB Vilniaus šilumos tinklai, Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists, UAB Innovative Pharma Baltics, UAB Veika, UAB Kvarkas, UAB Flexpro and also praised the ‘Gazelė’ companies of Vilnius County such as Enim, Lexita, Saulės grąža, IVO and others, which are active partners of the LBSA and project implementers.

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