After establishing a wooden construction business under the motto ‘More nature, less chaos’, Darius Koklevičius of Kaišiadorys has built four factories in 13 years. He has established himself in Lithuania with the brand ‘Meistro namai’, set up representative offices in six foreign countries and is working with his team on plans for further expansion.

Timber Cabins, a company producing prefabricated wooden buildings or their parts has started its first project together with the Lithuanian Business Support Agency (LBSA) [Lithuanian LVPA − Lietuvos Verslo Paramos Agentūra]. It has already won the recognition of its clients, with production units in Stasiūnai and Žasliai in Lithuania, and also operating in Poland under the brand name ‘Dom Mistrza’.

‘It was a pre-pandemic project that allowed us to participate more frequently in international exhibitions and to have direct contact with potential partners and buyers ‘here and now’. The benefits are undeniable as we were able to present our innovations and receive immediate feedback at the same time,’ says Koklevičius, the company’s founder and head.

Madrids, swans, lynxes

The first project under the New Opportunities LT measure to increase competitiveness in priority foreign markets helped to establish direct contacts with new customers and partners, and contributed to the company’s export growth. A project under the Design LT measure will help to increase productivity. In total, the company has received more than EUR 103,000 of EU investment under three contracts with the LBSA.

Summer houses, garden houses, saunas, garages, awnings, log cabins − dozens of models are offered and hundreds of projects are completed in 30 countries worldwide. According to Koklevičius, although the company’s export volumes are growing competition is intense, so it is necessary to continuously update production, offer new models and anticipate customer expectations.

‘We say that the customer comes to us with a vision and comes out with a result. If the model we offer is not suitable, we work together to create the one the customer has dreamt of,’ says the head of Timber Cabins. The choice will increase when the company taking advantage of EU investments creates five new models and will traditionally give them the names of cities, rivers, birds and animals. There are ‘Amsterdams’, ‘Tits’, ‘Roe Deer’, ‘Nemunas’ and dozens of other names − a different one for each model.

The future is promising

According to Koklevičius, the changes in the real estate market during the pandemic are also favourable for the company. ‘Teleworking has encouraged people to move closer to nature and our prefabricated houses are speeding up the fulfilment of wishes for those who want to settle comfortably in eco-friendly housing,’ he says.

Timber Cabins, which is developing its brand in Poland, Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Portugal and the UK, sees itself in other countries as well and is interested in measures for the coming EU financial period to help the company grow and provide customers with a wider range of products.

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