EUR 72.7 million EU investment in R&D

The Lithuanian Business Support Agency together with the Ministry of Economy and Innovation invites to file applications under the EU investment measure ‘Experiment’ to carry out research and experimental development (R&D) projects. More than EUR 50 million are foreseen for allocation under the first call for proposals of the Experiment measure and EUR 22.7 million EU investment - under the second call for proposals.

‘Innovation, research and development are crucial to the growth of business competitiveness and can become the foundation for the well-being of the entire state. The EU investment vehicle ‘Experiment’ opens up opportunities for companies to invest in R&D by innovating and developing new products for markets,’ says Aurimas Pautienius-Želvys, Director of Lithuanian Business Support Agency.

Under the first – general - call for proposals of the Experiment measure, Lithuanian Business Support Agency will allocate funds for R&D activities, initial business investments to develop new or expand existing R&D and innovation infrastructure for enterprises which is not accessible publicly or in clusters, and certification of new products and technologies, and related activities. The maximum possible amount of investment for R&D activities is EUR 1.2 million, for the creation or development of R&D and innovation infrastructure - EUR 3 million and for certification of products and technologies - EUR 200 000.

Under the second, regional, call for proposals, investments will be limited to R&D activities and R&D and innovation infrastructure that are not available publicly or in clusters. The maximum estimated amount of funding for R&D activities under this call for proposals is EUR 400 000 and EUR 500 000 - for investments in R&D and innovation infrastructure.

Applicants may be private legal entities (other than research and higher education institutions) and public bodies carrying out R&D activities (excluding research and higher education institutions) in the context of R&D activities and the creation or development of R&D and innovation infrastructure.

Private legal entities as well as research and higher education institutions may become project partners.

Applications may be filed until 17 February 2020 through the information system DMS.  

More information about the EU investment measure ‘Experiment’ can be found here.

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