Today, the Lithuanian Business Support Agency has completed the evaluation of the measure ‘E-Commerce Model Covid-19’. The aim of this measure is to encourage companies to implement information technology for the electronic management of business transactions.

‘Hundreds of small businesses have been given the opportunity to improve their competitiveness by adopting information technology and conducting transactions electronically. As we finish one job, we welcome the new year in a “creative” way. The support measures published today will give “wings” to the creative industries, and the LBSA staff has a lot of work to do’, says Saulius Merkys, Acting Director of the LBSA.

The measure supports the deployment of e-commerce models in micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) by reorienting and digitising processes through customer self-service systems on e-commerce platforms for products and services.

It includes those for manufacturing and service order management, as well as through systems for the integration of a resource management system into product and service e-commerce platforms. The amount of possible support ranged from EUR 10,000 to EUR 50,000, with a funding intensity of 75% of the total eligible project costs.

‘1,676 applications were evaluated in 101 days! I thank the evaluators, experts and all the colleagues who contributed. It is incredible how much we can do together’, says Sigita Skrebė, Head of Business Productivity Projects Division, wishing everyone a happy New Year.

A total of 1,676 applications were received, of which 1,217 were assessed positively. An amount of EUR 40 million was earmarked for this measure; the successful applications amounted to EUR 47.17 million.

Reasons for the rejection of applications were: 
  • failed to obtain the minimum amount of benefit and quality points (24 points) – 173 applications;
  • failed to meet the readiness requirements – 48 applications;
  • submitted after the deadline – 14 applications;
  • cancelled due to duplication – 21 applications;
  • withdrawn by applicants – 62 applications;
  • not eligible – 141 applications.

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