This is the second summer when many people have chosen to spend their holidays in Lithuania due to the global pandemic that has gripped the world, and are enjoying rediscovering their country and its most beautiful places. The Lithuanian Business Support Agency (LBSA) shares information about destinations that are now easier to find and a must-see.

Development is carried out under three measures

Promoting tourism in Lithuania is one of the European Union’s investment directions, and the LBSA encourages the use of these measures. The value of financing contracts signed for the implementation of tourism projects in the financial period 2014-2020 amounted to more than EUR 27 million, of which about EUR 25 million is EU funding.

Various EU investment instruments have given visitors the opportunity to see the most beautiful sightseeing trails, climb one of the many observation towers or learn about Lithuania’s heritage.

Currently, the LBSA is implementing or completing projects promoting tourism under three measures: ‘Marketing of national tourist routes, tracks and products, and development of tourism labelling infrastructure’, ‘E-marketing of priority tourism development regions’ and ‘Development of the information infrastructure of tourist tracks and routes connecting municipalities’.

‘The projects of the above-mentioned measures are aimed at increasing the attendance and awareness of cultural and natural heritage objects, as well as installing the infrastructure for tourism signage and ensuring the awareness of tourists and visitors about the places of interest along the tourist routes and tracks’, says Kristina Dėjė, Head of the Public Investment Projects Division of LBSA.

Currently, 79 projects have been completed or are being implemented under the listed measures.

Getting to know the country in a smart way

The municipalities of Birštonas, Druskininkai, Palanga and Neringa invite you to get to know the resorts in a smart way – the audio guide installed in the mobile application ‘Lietuvos kurortai’ (Lithuanian Resorts) helps you to hear the history of these places, their natural methods of health promotion and their impact on people. The developed routes include not only the main attractions of the resorts, but also lesser-known and very interesting places that enrich everyday life.

Anykščiai invites guests to take part in a challenge game where using the mobile application ‘Anykščiai’ they are invited to cycle around the most famous places in Anykščiai on specially designed routes helping them to get to know the resort in a multifaceted way.

Those who want to discover Lithuania’s past are invited to visit the most beautiful cultural heritage sites presented by the project ‘Didikų Lietuva’ (Lithuania’s Nobility). These are castles and manors, the history of which not only embodies the development of the Lithuanian state, its economy, society and culture, but also reflects the rise of the nobility of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, their political careers, cultural environment, style and the vicissitudes of their private lives. All these places are described in detail and mapped.

Those who are more nature-loving will not only discover but also learn more about the spectacular gifts of our land, hear legends about them, and be able to plan their route on a smart map by visiting the website ‘Lietuvos gamta’ (Lithuanian Nature).

Over EUR 8 million from the EU Structural Funds has been allocated for the implementation of all these projects under the measure ‘E-marketing of priority tourism development regions’, which are used in 46 projects.

New signage will help people find their way around

Significant changes are also taking place in the absorption of funding under the measure ‘Development of information infrastructure for tourist routes and tourist tracks connecting municipalities’. Many places of interest in Lithuania are marked with new signs and presented on modern information boards.

Currently, the municipalities of Biržai, Kupiškis, Pasvalys and Rokiškis districts are implementing a joint project on the development of the information infrastructure of connecting tourist routes and tourist tracks. A total of 236 signs, stands or indicators have been installed at tourist attractions in these districts. This will make it easier for visitors to find lesser-known places of interest: Šmitas mill, Vaduva mound with a settlement, Antašava, Noriūnai and Pajiešmeniai manor homesteads, the Balt’s world tree and many others.

In Alytus, the 66 km-long Alytus–Varėna (Olita-Orany) bicycle and pedestrian trail is being signposted, which stretches on a railway embankment dating back to the end of the 19th century and connects the three municipalities, marking not only the route but also the nearby places of interest.

A route connecting the municipalities of Alytus city and district, Varėna district, Druskininkai and Lazdijai is also being signposted. The Health Trail in the capital of Dzūkija has been supplemented by nine information stands with maps and more detailed descriptions.

The Kėdainiai District Municipality Administration is installing signage infrastructure to inform and mark the places of interest along the tourist route, linking the municipalities of Jonava, Kėdainiai and Raseiniai. There are 373 different signs along the route in total, which guide or tell more about the sites, such as the Old Town of Kėdainiai, which features houses with exceptional architecture, ancient institutions such as the Chamber of the Justice of the Peace and the Tom Chencher Pharmacy, which is considered to be one of the oldest pharmacies in Lithuania.

Klaipėda City Municipality and its partners are expanding the signposting infrastructure in a total of seven municipalities (Klaipėda City, Klaipėda, Kretinga, Šilutė, Skuodas districts, the cities of Neringa and Palanga), and raising awareness about the tourist routes, tracks and places of interest that connect these municipalities.

Twenty-one projects are being implemented under the measure ‘Development of information infrastructure for tourist routes and tourist tracks connecting municipalities’ with more than EUR 6 million in funding.

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