‘After the pandemic many companies have lost contact with their customers, so in these difficult times the most important thing is to concentrate on their strengths and think about how to get back on the market’, said Aurimas Želvys, Head of the Lithuanian Business Support Agency (LBSA).
This can be facilitated by the active ‘Kūrybiniai čekiai Covid-19’ (Creative Vouchers Covid-19) instrument, which is currently awaiting applications and which will help companies to receive funding for non-technological innovations.

It is possible to create and install

Speaking about the new Creative Vouchers Covid-19 measure in a Delfi TV discussion, Želvys noted that this measure also encourages collaboration – companies wishing to develop new product, service designs or e-marketing tools must collaborate with representatives of the creative and cultural industries.

‘Everyone remembers the Dizainas LT (Design LT) measure, which the Ministry of Economy and Innovation has used many times to encourage small businesses to be creative and innovative. It was possible to create, then to install – and now it is possible to do both. I think that the instrument is constantly improving, and is the most perfect in this context’, says Želvys.

Olga Celova, Head of the European Union Investment Planning Division of the Ministry of Economy and Innovation, who took part in the discussion, agrees – the aim of the measure is to encourage companies to reach a new customers and recover old ones.

Encourages being active

Applications for the measure ‘Creative Vouchers Covid-19’ can be submitted by micro, small and medium-sized enterprises that have been operating for at least one year and have generated EUR 50,000 in revenue over three years from those activities.

‘The measure is aimed at viable companies that have potential’, explains the Head of the LBSA.

Another important condition is that there must be cooperation with representatives of the creative and cultural industries who would contribute to the creative or implementation process.

‘We are not only talking about products and packaging, but also about what is hot right now – the circular economy. Companies can extend the product cycle, increase revenues, company turnover and jump into the market faster’, encourages Želvys.

The measure finances EUR 20,000 and EUR 70,000 projects intended for the development and implementation of non-technological innovations.

‘Lithuanians are creative and innovative, and since we are talking about innovative products and services, this measure is accurate and relevant. The call is open until 31 August and we plan to sign the contracts later this year, a great time to plan the next year, which can be used for innovative solutions’, said Želvys.

He adds that those who are interested should act quickly as there is not much time left to look for partnerships with the creative and cultural industries: ‘So it is important to think not only about the services and products you want to innovate, but also about the partners who will cooperate, because we are encouraging companies to become more sustainable and to have as many services as possible with the creative and cultural industries’.

You can watch the video interview here: Verslui tiesiama pagalbos ranka: mažos ir vidutinės įmonės gali pretenduoti į finansavimą verslo plėtrai - DELFI (Businesses are given a helping hand: small and medium-sized enterprises can apply for funding for business development – DELFI).

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