Klaipėda, a distinctive city with high potential, the country’s gateway to the sea and a target for investors, is celebrating its 769th year. The Lithuanian Business Support Agency (LBSA) congratulates the city, which is also characterised by an abundance of EU investment.

The LBSA estimates that in Klaipėda alone, 95 projects with a total value of EUR 82.6 million have been implemented or are still ongoing under all the measures administered by the LBSA. Almost EUR 44 million of EU investment from the 2014–2020 financial period budget has been allocated to finance them.

The funding allocated to the city’s projects accounts for almost two-thirds of the total EU investment of almost EUR 74 million for projects financed by the Klaipėda Regional Agency.

According to Aurimas Želvis, Director of LBSA, Klaipėda, which is unique in terms of its strategic geographical position and economic importance, has a specific maritime business, a free economic zone (FEZ) and energy facilities of national importance. It is particularly active in the development of the green energy sector such as wind power plants, and has the right conditions for the operation of all businesses.

‘Klaipėda is the first city to develop an electric bus and a battery charging system. These are LBSA-funded projects. The LBSA contributes to the city’s well-being by financing other projects that promote its prosperity with EU investments, so the important logistics centre where all modes of transport are connected and the infrastructure is continuously improved, and will make the port city attractive for local and foreign investors to create and expand their businesses’, says Želvys.

During the last financing period, the LBSA allocated almost EUR 5.5 million of EU investments to Klaipėda LEZ projects, and EUR 8.063 million to the reconstruction of the city’s distribution and main heat networks.

Thirteen research and experimental development (R&D) projects carried out or still being carried out in the port city together with the LBSA received the largest amount of EU investment – EUR 17.9 million. Of this, EUR 15.02 million has been allocated to 22 energy projects, EUR 10.4 million to 59 business projects and EUR 556,000 EU investment has been allocated to one tourism project.

Fifty-seven projects carried out in Klaipėda together with the LBSA, for which EUR 15.1 million was allocated, have already been completed and thirty-eight contracts are still being implemented with an allocated funding of EUR 28.8 million.

Mėmelis, the oldest and third-largest city in Lithuania, will celebrate another birthday this weekend with theatrical events, fairs, the traditional ceremony of granting the honorary title of Klaipėda’s Master of Culture, a flag-raising ceremony and concerts.

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