According to Google Analytics data, the Lithuanian Business Support Agency’s website received almost 50% more visitors from the beginning of this year to the end of September than at the same time last year.

In the first nine months of this year, the Agency’s website lvpa.lt received 60,368 visitors. Last year, there were only 41,163 visitors. The highest number of visitors to the website was in February this year, as well as at in August and September, when the two instruments ‘E-Commerce Model Covid-19’ (E. komercijos modelis Covid-19) and ‘Creative Vouchers Covid-19’ (Kūrybiniai čekiai Covid-19) were launched and attracted a lot of interest.
Both the number of visits (31.38%, up to 146,226) and page views (16.06%) increased. The number of users who visited the website but left without finding what they were looking for decreased by 12.33%. People already know what and where to look on the website, so the duration of one visit has decreased by 15.6%.

The website reached its peak (most visitors per day) during the LBSA’s evaluation of the portfolio of subsidies to enterprises, as well as following the launch of the ‘e-Commerce model Covid-19’ (E. komercijos modelis Covid-19).

Pandemic is an indicator of digitalisation of services and reduction of administrative burdens

Aurimas Želvys, Head of the LBSA: ‘The pandemic, which has been in the world and Lithuania for the second year in a row, is posing new challenges for business, so the LBSA’s introduction of additional solutions for digitalisation of services, developed and tested in STI’s business subsidy programmes during the pilot project for SME assessment, has increased the penetration of EU investments in attracting new customers for businesses. The Anti-Covid business project funding instruments ‘E-Commerce Covid-19’, ‘Creative Vouchers Covid-19’, as well as ‘SmartInvest LT+’ have resulted in record numbers of business applications being received by the LBSA. This is also reflected in the Agency’s website traffic statistics. The flow of information, news, training and consultancy events provided by the Agency has also increased, and the pandemic is a great medium for the smart reduction of administrative burden for business clients in EU investments.’
The most popular places for visitors to start their journey on the website (excluding the home page) were the pages dedicated to the new tools ‘Calls for Applications’ (Kvietimai) and ‘Plan of Calls for Applications’ (Kvietimų planas), with 27,940 and 16,425 views respectively. The next most popular pages were the ones dedicated to the ‘E-Commerce Model Covid-19’ (16,252) and ‘Creative Vouchers Covid-19’ (14,802) tools. The ‘News’ (Naujienos) section of the website received 9,970 page views in nine months, compared to only 2,977 views last year.

The most active visitors to the LBSA website were those aged 25–34 years old, and the numbers increased compared to last year. The second most active were 45–54-year-olds, with a slight decline in numbers. Interestingly, the lvpa.lt website is more frequently visited by women who last year and this year accounted for almost two-thirds of those who visited lvpa.lt (63.6% and 63.5% respectively).

The most frequent visitors to the LVPA website were those who accessed it via Google by typing the LBSA website address in the search box of their browser, and via social networks. Over the year, the first channel grew by 37.81% or 26,716 visitors, the second by 56.14% or 29,755 visitors and the third by 47.79% or 4,710 visitors.

The named functions were automated using the software version developed by the Agency’s staff, and database and algorithm analyses. This intangible product developed by the Agency was used for the evaluation of this year’s measures ‘Creative Vouchers Covid-19’ and ‘E-Commerce Model Covid-19’.

It should be noted that the last two calls for applications (‘Creative Vouchers Covid-19’ and ‘E-Commerce Model Covid-19’) showed that the LBSA’s introduction of digitisation solutions tested with the STI through the pandemic grants (the LBSA pilot project for SME assessment) and the reduction of the administrative burden (next-generation selection criteria) has resulted in a record number of applications, including from new clients.

There is a risk that as the 2021–2027 plan continues with the innovations introduced, the number of applications for the new measures from the Ministry of Economy and Innovation could grow from 20 to 30 per cent, making the 2021–2027 figures too modest. The number of applications for the ‘E-commerce model Covid-19’ is an all-time record for the LBSA (1,676 applications), while 878 applications were received for the ‘Creative Vouchers Covid-19’ measure.

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