Hundreds of companies could tell how digitisation has changed the face of business, but Žydrūnas Raščius, Head of UAB DT artelė in Panevėžys, illustrates the impact clearly – his business has seen the leap of a century.

The dental prostheses manufacturing company together with the Lithuanian Business Support Agency (LBSA) has implemented two projects with funding under the measure ‘Digitisation of Industry LT’ (Pramonės skaitmeninimas LT). The LBSA allocated almost EUR 53,000 of EU investment for the projects of DT artelė which were worth a total of EUR 117,000.

‘Today, the company seems to be in another world. This support has helped to radically change the technology, the direction of work, the speed – everything has changed fundamentally. People in my profession used to work with their hands, but now everything is done digitally. Just think – what a leap’, says Raščius.

Faster, more, better

The main activity of the socially responsible and charitable company DT artelė is the manufacturing of dental prostheses. The company’s equipment is adapted to the manufacturing of dental prostheses of various materials according to patients’ dental impressions.

The technological audit carried out before the renewal showed that the process of creating physical models of dental prostheses in the company was not efficient enough and was costly. To reduce these costs, optimise working time and increase the company’s productivity, the only solution was to introduce digital 3D process technology, modelling and design development software.

After the digitisation of one process under the first project with LBSA, there was a need to go further. The second project improved the company’s processes even more, and today the company manufactures dental prostheses not only for the clients of the family business – clients of the dental clinic in Savanorių Square – but it also works with more than 20 clinics in Panevėžys and other Lithuanian cities.

‘I have invested European funds with the help of the Agency, and as a responsible person, I have to justify my actions and not abuse the fact that I have been trusted to invest,’ says Raščius.

He looks forward to the next calls, which will allow him to further digitise his business processes to strengthen his company’s market position with the help of EU investment.

Nineteen digitisation projects in Panevėžys financed by LBSA

‘Digitisation is one of the progress paths that Lithuania is following. This direction brings great added value to companies and the entire economy of the country,’ says Arūnas Burinskas, Deputy Director of Investment Management Service of the LBSA.

According to the LBSA, 52 projects have been implemented in the 2014–2020 funding period under the measure ‘Digitisation of Industry LT’ (Pramonės skaitmeninimas LT) with almost EUR 11 million of EU investment. A further 186 projects are still ongoing and have received almost EUR 100 million in funding.

In Panevėžys alone, where DT artelė operates, six projects have been completed with EUR 722,000 in EU funding, and thirteen projects are ongoing with EUR 6.9 million in EU investment.

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