Today marks the 41st World Tourism Day to promote tourism development and cultural ties. In Lithuania, the Lithuanian Business Support Agency (LBSA) also contributes to the development of tourism by financing projects that invite you to discover the most interesting corners of the country.

For locals and foreigners

Promoting tourism is one of the European Union’s investment areas. In the 2014–2020 financial period, the LBSA signed 79 contracts for tourism projects with more than EUR 24 million in funding. Currently, the LBSA partners have completed or are still implementing projects under three measures aimed at the development of domestic tourism in Lithuania.

‘We are pleased that the results of tourism projects implemented by LBSA partners reach people directly and encourage them to discover their native land, travel in different ways and get to know their culture and nature’, says Arūnas Burinskas, Deputy Director of Investment Management Service at the LBSA.

The teams implementing the projects not only create new routes, but also update information, stands, links to well-known objects, then present them in Lithuanian but also in foreign languages or even in Braille.

The most interesting places to visit

Under the measure ‘E-marketing of priority tourism development regions’, the Druskininkai Municipality Administration is completing the implementation of the project ‘The trails of legends of Druskininkai’.

Following the signing of an agreement with the LBSA, the project has been allocated almost EUR 205,000 of investment from the European Regional Development Fund, and the total value of the project amounts to EUR 240,000.

The Druskininkai resort and its surroundings are rich in natural and cultural heritage sites steeped in impressive legends, and various tourist routes for visiting where you can spend more than one day. The routes cover almost 100 kilometres and include as many as 40 attractions. You can read about these and listen to the audio guide on the mobile app.

Rewards the most attentive

Those who are more interested in nature are invited to the Pamarys region, where the project ‘Get to know the Pamarys region by travelling the pathway of the birds’ is being implemented by the Šilutė District Municipality Administration. The project is worth more than EUR 233,000, of which almost EUR 200,000 is financed by the LBSA.

The creator of the project activities, nature guide Boris Belchev, notes that this summer Lithuanians have been going on nature trips more and more often and the interest in ornithology is also growing.

On the website, tourists are invited to play the Pathway of the Birds game, the aim of which is to visit at least 9 of the 27 places where the birds are living. Their features and even the sounds they make are introduced with the help of a QR code or mobile app. Tourists who visit the sites receive a bird guide as a gift.

‘All visitors want to see the sea eagle, which flies all year round and is easy to see – its wingspan is 2.5 metres. We can be pleased that there are 25 pairs of sea eagles in the Nemunas Delta and 10 pairs in the Curonian Lagoon, and they hatch 1–2 chicks a year per pair,’ says Belchev, who invites visitors to visit the Pamarys region all year round, as this project gives them the opportunity to get acquainted with the birds at any time.

Travelling by car

The Lithuanian Camping Association has implemented the project ‘E-marketing of national motor tourism routes’, which has received more than EUR 130,000 in funding under the LBSA measure ‘E-marketing of priority tourism development regions’ (Prioritetinių turizmo plėtros regionų e-rinkodara).

The content developed under the project was placed on the website in Lithuanian, Polish, French, German and English to promote local tourism and attract foreign visitors. Nine car or camper routes to different regions of Lithuania, including points of interest, have been developed. When planning a trip, not only the distances, but also the time needed to get from one place to another are indicated, and the places of interest are described and also photographed.

For those interested in the historical and cultural heritage of Lithuania, it is worth visiting the website, which presents the project ‘E-marketing of Jewish cultural heritage in priority tourism regions in Lithuania’ implemented by the Jewish Cultural Heritage Route Association, which was also funded by the LBSA.

Visitors will find over 100 tourist attractions on the electronic gateway to Jewish cultural heritage in Lithuania, including synagogues, cemeteries and massacre sites, Jewish quarters and other places of remembrance, with their histories and locations. Routes and a heritage map will help the travellers.

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