Tomorrow, May 22, Kaunas celebrates its 613th birthday. Lithuanian Business Support Agency (LVPA) congratulates next year’s European culture capital, a city which grows, gets more modern and invests actively.

According to LVPA director Aurimas Želvys, the development of Kaunas during last seven years is impressive, positive changes are obvious to citizens and tourists. EU investments added up significantly to improving economic indicators, only LVPA administered investments worth EUR 160 m.

„We see meaningful investments and, most important, the value they created. Kaunas seeks changes and implements them by encouraging innovations and development of future technologies. Direction of development and potential catches the eye of foreign investors, since the city is getting more modern, becoming attractive to invest and to live“, − Mr Želvys congratulates Kaunas.

fDi Magazine published by Financial Times in early 2020 ranked Kaunas #2 in the category Small Regions and #4 in Small Cities of the European Future2020/2021 for the FDI strategy.  Earlier it ranked Kaunas one of the most promising places for tourism in 2019/2020. In last fall’s rating Kaunas was #5 most promising city of 2020/2021.  


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