2021 is marked as new stage for community working with EU investment. This year 2021-2027 EU programming period starts, most attention will be paid to green and digital transformation, empowering innovation.  Lithuanian Business Support Agency (LVPA)  summarizes that up to now EUR 170 m of EU funds have been invested in digitization projects, 126 m in green (circular) economy. Most of the assistance since 2004 went to energy sector and business support.

Since 2004 up to now, LVPA implemented or currently implements 7,313 EU investment projects. Total value of projects is EUR 5.5 bn, EU investment amounts to roughly 3 bn.

EUR 1,2 bn went to energy sector – tat is the largest amount. There were more than 4,000 business support projects since 2004, with EU funding of EUR 851 m.

LVPA director Aurimas Želvys claims that EU investment is being concentrated in key growth generating areas. One of main tasks of LVPA is to find business, science and public sector projects which with the help of EU funding could achieve sustainable growth, create value added and assure competitiveness.

„Digitization and green economy will get more attention in the future, we see and feel business interest and engagement, as far as EU funding is concerned. We are aiming for closer cooperation with regional businesses, so that transformation covers most of the country “, – emphasizes LVPA director Aurimas Želvys.

Up to now digitization projects received EUR 170 m of EU funding, and green (circular) economy projects – 126 m, R&D projects – more than 666 m.

Since 2004, Vilnius region received EUR 1.2 bn of EU investment funds, Kaunas region - 633 m, Klaipėda – 295 m, Šiauliai – 223 m, Panevėžys –  213 m.

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