Lithuanian Busdiness Promotion Agency (LVPA) announces calls to submit applications for funding from projects COVID-19 R&D and COVID-19 Products LT. Both are aimed at assisting companies working to deal with problems caused by corona virus.

Encourages to invest in manufacturing of COVID-19 Products

COVID-19 Products will finance purchase of equipment, devices, software, as well as expenses related to testing of new manufacturing equipment, related to dealing with COVID-19.

„With the start of pandemics in Lithuania we started looking into difficulties businesses are facing and what kind of help they need straight off. We now live under extreme conditions, when manufacturing of products necessary to tame the pandemics is of utmost importance for business and entire society as well. COVID-19 Products appears at the time it is badly needed. We have no doubts that companies will be interested,“, – claims LVPA director Aurimas Želvys.

Head of LVPA business productivity projects unit Sigita Skrebė notes that the project funding can cover 80% of eligible expenses.

„It is envisaged that projects have to be implemented in 6 months after approval. In case the project is implemented in 2 months, it could vover up to 95% expenses“ – says Ms Skrebė.

Very small, small and medium sized companies can apply. No partners allowed. LVPA will stop the call, when eligible financing requests reach the foreseen amount of the project – EUR 31 m.

Invitation to develop COVID-19 R&D projects

LVPA also announces a call for project COVID-19 R&D to encourage companies to invest in science, technology and experimental development helping to deal with COVID-19 related problems. EUR 30 m is allocated for the project.
Development of vaccines, medicines, medical equipment, disinfectants, protective clothing and equipment, manufacturing process innovations related to COVID-19 and science, technology and experimental development are eligible for funding.

„Development of new products necessary to fight COVID-19 is a top priority. Therefore it is very important that during pandemics we can offer companies financial assistance to invest in research and development“, – claims Mr Želvys.

Head of LVPA science and innovation procects unit Vytaras Tamašauskas emphasizes that
participating companies must meet special requirements regarding R&D related to COVID-19. Prototypes of new products, services or processes have to be developed by December 31, 2021.

Maximum funding foro ne company is EUR 1 m, minimum amount – EUR 40,000. Call will be stopped, when eligible financing requests reach the foreseen amount of the project – EUR 30 m.

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