LVPA assesed projects aimed to promote small capacity biofuel cogeneration

LVPA has received 8 applications in total, half of those were approved. After assessment of applications LVPA recommended Ministry of Energy  to fund projects by UAB Biovatas, UAB Jonavos šilumos tinklai, AB Vilniaus šilumos tinklai and  UAB Visagino energija.

LVPA director Aurimas Pautienius-Želvys emphasizes, that the amount of the call #3 was not enough to finance all projects, which received a highest score, therefore LVPA recommends to fund the projects additionally from Future Economy DNA Plan. Assessment report and recommendations by LVPA were submitted to Ministry of Energy to make a final decision about projects financing.

„This project aims at making energy generation more efficient by using more renewables  in district heating sector, setting up small capacity biofuel cogeneration power plants. It is very important that technologies being implemented would help to achieving energy policy targets to fulfill needs of consumers in the regions“, – thinks Mr Pautienius-Želvys.

This project finances setting up new high efficiency biofuel cogeneration equipment;  renovation of existing cogeneration equipment; and replacing the existing thermal energy generation equipment with cogeneration equipment in centralized district heating systems (no more than 5 MW electric power and with nominal heating efficiency ranging from MW to 20 MW).

„With these projects certain mandatory requirements have to be met. During the project implementation additional renewable generation capacity should appear and annual emmissions of greenhouse gases should go down. New high efficiency cogeneration equipment has have electric installed capacity between
1,25 and 2,6 MW“, – notes Verslo skatinimo projektų skyriaus vedėja Gintarė Kuncaitytė, head of business support projects Unit.

For heat providers and (potential) independent heat providers it was a last chance to come up with applications for the EU investment project Promoting Small Capacity Biofuel Generation from financial perspective of 2014–2020.

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