Sustainabe, green, renewable – these are descriptions of today’s energy sector. Modernization, support, development of the sector are being financed with the help of Lithuanian Business Support Agency (LVPA).
Energy sector workers’ day is an important celebration for Lithuanian energy sector workers’ community. “Changes in the energy sector and in LVPA while implementing EU investment energy projects have been huge since 2003.  During this time LVPA energy sector portfolio exceeded half a billion euros“, − says LVPA director Aurimas Želvys.
According to him, agency financed and finances projects ranging from strategic, which are necessary to build power connections between states, and small power generation devices installed in private houses, from modernization of systems of natural gas or heat supply to replacing boilers in households or street lighting.
“In the future Lithuania has to move from importer of energy sector technologies to become a net exporting country creating technologies, knowledge and services. LVPA appreciates the importance of innovative solutions in energy sector and is ready to take part in sector modernization”, - says head of LVPA.  .
Total funding by LVPA in 29 enery sector projects amounts to EUR 507.6 m. The largest project deals with high efficiency cogeneration using renewables in Vilnius town, its total amount is EUR 201,9 m, LVPA funding – 90.9 m.

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