2020 has been a year of challenges for Lithuanian Business Support Agency, as well as for the whole economy. Notwithstanding  restrictions related to pandemic, the agency met and exceeded most of the planned indicators.

According to LVPA director Aurimas Želvys the main priority of the agency is orientation to client’s needs. “Therefore even under difficult circumstances we found new opportunities to reduce administrative burden to applicants: based on risk assessment we are moving towards wider use of selective checks of purchase documents, payment requests and selective on-site inspections “, − emphasizes Mr Želvys.

Head of LVPA notes that new challenges turned led to further improvement of of main processes, oriented towards result, digitization and increasing productivity.
During 2020 7,010 payment requests have been received - 38,7 % more than in 2019.  

38 % more applications have been received comparing with 2019, project financing plan exceeded by 62.8 %.

LVPA started new activity in 2020 – work with subsidies together with State Tax Inspectorate, it evaluated for subsidy eligibility 41,692 micro companies and 5,699 marketplace traders.
„It is satisfying that clients notice and appreciate our efforts and improved services, last year’s client survey  showed satisfaction going up to 92,2 %“, − head of agency speaks.

Mr Želvys emphasizes that this year LVPA will assure the high performance standard, further improve competences, use innovative solutions, share best practices and overcome the challenges.

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