On December 31, the Lithuanian Business Support Agency (LBSA) published a call for proposals under the measure prepared by the Ministry of Culture ‘Incentives for Designers: Wings of Design’.

The measure encourages micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to create new designs that help them implement the principles of the digital and circular economy by increasing the added value and competitive advantage of products or services. The only possible applicant is the Lithuanian Council for Culture.

‘This means that the enterprises benefiting from the call will not receive direct funding, but they will be provided with the services of the Council for Culture’, notes Saulius Merkys, Interim Head of the LBSA.

Technologies or systems are used according to the principles of the digital economy when the manufacture of a product or the process of providing a service is partially or completely transferred from the physical to the digital and virtual environment, or when the services and processes (all or part of them) are performed remotely.

Applicants committed to implementing the projects based on the principles of the circular economy must ensure that at least one of the following changes is implemented: reduction of the amount of waste generated; avoidance of the generation of waste; ensuring the reuse of waste; reduction of emissions; reduction of the use of resources; creation or improvement of opportunities to restore the product manufactured by SMEs; creation or improvement of opportunities to repair a product manufactured by SMEs; creation or improvement of opportunities for recycling the product manufactured by SMEs.

‘Designers will be able to change and improve their field of activity in various ways using this instrument’, notes Giedrė Indriulienė, Head of Business Sustainability Projects Division of the LBSA.

A total of EUR 788,551 from the EU Structural Funds (European Regional Development Fund React-EU) is allocated for the implementation of this instrument. The maximum non-refundable financing for projects can be up to 100%.

The grant will be awarded under the measure only for those activities that have not been funded under the measure ‘Creative Vouchers Covid-19’ administered by the Ministry of Economy and Innovation.

The Lithuanian Council for Culture invites the submission of applications for the measure until 28 February 2022.
A description of the measure ‘Incentives for Designers: Wings of Design’ can be found here.

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