The Kaunas Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts, uniting more than 660 companies from Kaunas and Marijampolė regions under its roof, has successfully implemented the project ‘Development of export markets through participation in international events abroad’.

Thanks to the project, eleven Lithuanian companies represented Lithuania at international cosmetics and beauty exhibitions. They took part in Eco Life Scandinavia in Sweden, Vivaness 2019 and Vivaness 2020 organic cosmetics exhibitions in Germany, the largest exhibition for cosmetic professionals Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna in Italy, and the exotic Beauty World Middle East in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 2019 and 2021. Together with the Kaunas Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts, Lithuanian cosmetics manufacturers also took part in the WeCosmoprof International online exhibition during the quarantine period.

The virtual WeCosmoprof International event brought together Cosmoprof exhibitions in different regions of the world: Europe (Cosmoprof Bolognia), America (Cosmoprof North America Las Vegas), Asia (Cosmoprof Bangkok and Cosmoprof Hong Kong) and India (Cosmoprof India Mumbai), and opened up even more opportunities to show new contacts for international cooperation. A total of eight Lithuanian companies – manufacturers of cosmetics, beauty supplies and personal care products – took part in the virtual pavilion of Lithuanian. ‘These are well-known companies and brands in Lithuania, which focus on the latest global trends – natural, organic, zero-waste – and are already conquering the world markets with their high quality and innovativeness’, says Agnė Jaraitė, Head of International Relations and Protocol Department of the Kaunas Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Handicrafts, about the participants in the exhibition.

UAB Aconitum presented its lines NoAGE, BONELa and SUPRA FORMULE, while UAB BIOK LAB demonstrated its well-known ‘Ecodenta’, ‘Kilig’ and ‘Margarita’ products. UAB Cosmoway offered the ‘Green Feel’s’ cosmetics, which have already conquered the hearts of Lithuanians, and UAB Dermofaktorius, which has increased its sales in Lithuania three times during the quarantine period, was trying to expand on foreign markets with its ‘Manilla’ brand. UAB Aromika presented four fragrance and perfume lines on the virtual platform, UAB ODA LT presented cosmetics for both end-users and professionals for work in the salon, and ‘Solidu’ and ‘You & Oil’ brands presented eco-friendly and sustainable products that are in line with the latest trends.

Lithuanian companies attract a lot of attention at exhibitions, and actively participate in meetings with potential distributors and agents from all over the world. Five companies represented Lithuania at Beauty World Middle East in Dubai this autumn, where companies from fifty-two countries participated. UAB Shapemetics well known for its brand ‘Solidu’, which aims to change the consumer’s attitude towards cosmetics and their use from the product to the packaging, has gained exceptional popularity. The innovative and sustainable products caught the attention of a local opinion leader in the United Arab Emirates with 515,000 followers on Instagram, who shared a photo from the Lithuanian stand with ‘Solidu’ products.

‘We always hope that these new contacts will turn into contracts and thus contribute to the growth of export from the Lithuanian cosmetics and beauty products sector’, says Jaraitė. The popularity of Lithuanian cosmetics in the world is confirmed by the fact that a number of companies can already boast about contracts in Europe and beyond. By participating in exhibitions under the project operating at the Kaunas Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts under the EU Structural Funds measure ‘New Opportunities LT’, they have already found partners across the globe. These are Hong Kong, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, Kenya, Nigeria and Tajikistan, Belgium, Canada, Poland, France, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Costa Rica, Mongolia, Finland, Estonia, Austria, Germany, Israel, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Romania and Slovakia, with a total contract value of more than EUR 350,000.

‘It is really encouraging that Lithuanian entrepreneurs are discovering new markets by taking advantage of the support of the European Union Structural Funds. We can see that this ‘New Opportunities LT’ measure, with EUR 287,968.70 in funding under the contract with the Lithuanian Business Support Agency (LBSA), has really paid off. We wish the business representatives the best of luck in promoting the names of Lithuania and their brands and increasing the export volumes of the country’s producers’, says Saulius Merkys, Acting Head of the LBSA.

Please be advised that the LBSA is waiting for applications for the measure ‘EXPO certificate LT’ No 4 until 31 March. The aim of this measure is to promote the internationalisation of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises by providing support for the certification of products to be exported. This will help to promote a positive image in international markets that Lithuanian companies produce high quality products, which meet international standards.

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