Fireworks and festive events started in Šiauliai, the capital of Aukštaitija which is celebrating its 785th anniversary, two weeks ago. There is plenty to celebrate – various projects creating jobs and growing business are being actively developed throughout the region.

The Lithuanian Business Support Agency (LBSA) congratulates Šiauliai on its birthday, which coincides with the commemoration of the Battle of the Sun (Saulės mūšis) on 22 September.
Despite the pandemic that has gripped the world, this year’s birthday is as good as it’s ever been as the region is still being developed very actively – Šiauliai can be proud of the projects that have been implemented and are still underway, with more than EUR 127 million in contracts.

Regional development is important

Currently, 147 projects have been completed or are still underway in Šiauliai, which have been granted funding of EUR 57.2 million after signing contracts with LBSA. The figures in Šiauliai District are also encouraging with 53 applications approved in various LBSA calls over 2014–2020 with the contracts involving more than EUR 11 million.

In Šiauliai, 80 projects have already been completed with EUR 23.5 million in funding under various LBSA calls, and 67 projects are still underway with EUR 33.7 million in funding.

These figures only prove that the fourth largest city in Lithuania has no intention of relinquishing its position and, according to Aurimas Želvys, Head of the LBSA, it only confirms that development in the regions is very necessary and important.

‘The concern of Šiauliai residents for their region and city can be an example for many cities, as it only proves that if you put in the effort, the result can be enjoyed by thousands,’ says Želvys.

Waiting for tourists

The most popular project area in the city and the region is business projects, whose developers have concluded 121 contracts with the LBSA and have received EUR 30 million of EU investment.

The Šiauliai region has a strong focus on energy projects, of which 29 have been implemented or are still underway with EUR 21.8 million in support, of which AB Šiaulių energija alone has completed or is developing nine projects worth almost EUR 25 million.

Research and experimental development (R&D) projects are actively underway in Šiauliai, with EU investments of EUR 10.7 million allocated to 25 partners of LBSA.

The only tourism project in Šiauliai region is currently being implemented under the LBSA measure ‘The development of information infrastructure for tourist routes and tourist paths connecting municipalities’. Šiauliai, which wants to increase tourist flows, pointed out that many objects are not adapted for the disabled, there is a lack of signs to tourist attractions in the region, and information infrastructure is too limited.

More than EUR 289,000 of EU investment funds have been allocated in cooperation with LBSA to address these challenges, and tourists visiting Šiauliai in the future will be able to find their way around tourist routes and itineraries more easily, and will be able to find out more about tourist attractions and sites, and will therefore visit Šiauliai more than once.

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