The UAB Softneta project was among the top five in the Smart Europe category announced in the Regiostars Awards, a competition organised by the European Commission. It was implemented together with the Lithuanian Business Support Agency (LBSA).

The project ‘Development of an Information Ecosystem and Applications for Medical Image Processing, Computer Diagnosis and Clinical Decision Support (MedCAD)’ carried out by the company was among the 25 finalists of the competition selected by independent EC experts from 214 candidates.

The MedCAD technology development project was nominated in the Smart Europe category as one of the best examples of increasing the competitiveness of local businesses in the digital world.

The value of the implemented project was EUR 823,000; half of the eligible costs were covered by the EU investments of which EUR 420,000 was paid according to the contract with the LBSA. This came from a grant of funding under the measure ‘Intelligence. Joint science-business projects’ (Intelektas. Bendri mokslo-verslo projektai).

Tested in Switzerland
According to Vytautas Baublys, CEO of UAB Softneta, being one of the most innovative projects in Europe is a great recognition of the company’s activities. ‘One of the best practice examples is Switzerland, where MedCAD technology is integrated with an e-health platform. More than 5 million patients in more than 160 Swiss hospitals are already using this platform’, says Baublys.

The company’s CEO explained that the development of MedCAD software was started four years ago and is intended for use in the healthcare sector worldwide. It solves the problem of lack of access to diagnostic images: patients can have direct access to medical data and artificial intelligence can be integrated without limitations.

‘MedDream software, which integrates MedCAD technology, is valued by the medical community because it can be adapted to the infrastructure of each healthcare facility and requires no additional resources. Extensive use ensures the growth of the number of digital medical images and the fastest way to get a diagnosis from doctors’, says Baublys.

He points out that the data uploaded by the patient is anonymised, the patient can send access to their data to anyone they want and get the opinion of other professionals. ‘MedCAD helps to save lives and ensure a high level of healthcare’, adds Baublys.

Users in more than 64 countries around the world

Aurimas Želvys, Director of the LBSA: ‘We nominate the strongest and most significant innovative projects for the Best European Projects competition, taking into account the requirements of the awards. The health system technologies developed by UAB Softneta have a huge practical value, so it is gratifying that the company’s advanced product has been highly appreciated at the European level’.

UAB Softneta develops medical imaging and communication solutions that improve the quality of patient healthcare. The solutions developed by the Kaunas-based company are used in more than 64 countries around the world.

A number of innovative projects were implemented under the contract with the LBSA: ‘R&D Project of Medical Operating System and Applications’ was carried out under the measure ‘Intelligence. Joint Science-Business Projects’ (Intelektas. Bendri mokslo-verslo projektai), with EUR 250,000 of EU investment. The project ‘Development of a New Medical Image Streaming Technology’ is currently being undertaken under the measure ‘Experiment’, which has received EUR 443,000 in EU funding. The company was also twice provided with funds to increase the company's competitiveness under the measure ‘New Opportunities LT’ (Naujos galimybės LT).

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