UAB Raguvos baldai ir Ko is the largest manufacturer of bathroom furniture and parts in the Baltic States. The company, in cooperation with the Lithuanian Business Support Agency (LBSA), has successfully implemented an investment project in advanced technologies. The project was implemented under the measure ‘Digitalisation of Industry LT’ partly financed by the European Regional Development Fund. A grant of EUR 407,683 was allocated for the implementation of the project.

Wide geography of activities

‘We strive to remain a fast and reliable partner in the wholesale production of bathroom furniture and components. Targeted specialisation, consistent investment in the production base and the professional development of our employees, and the production of furniture from start to finish – these are the results of the company’s 30 years of work. We have more than 200 customers in 18 countries worldwide. The rapid expansion of our business proves that we are principled in our goal. We are proud of the trust our customers place in us, our commitment to maintaining high quality standards and staying true to our company’s core values of quality, reliability and flexibility. We are happy to share them with customers not only in Europe, but also on other continents,’ said Ramutė Elinskienė, CEO of the company.

Productivity has doubled

The financing project of UAB Raguvos baldai ir Ko in advanced technologies has already been completed. ‘We are pleased with the company’s goal to grow and develop using the principles of industrial technological digitisation, the latest technological equipment, investing in the production system to produce higher value-added products, and fostering a high service culture,’ said Aurimas Želvys, Head of the LBSA.

The new technological equipment will enable the production to be optimally tailored to the needs of customers by providing for automated technological process control measures for the production of large batches, and saving materials and electricity during production. The introduction of easily reprogrammable modern technological equipment in the company will shorten the production cycle and reduce the time of production processes. The company’s productivity increased by 192% as a result of the investment.

‘The production equipment purchased includes a programmable woodworking centre, an automatic furniture assembly line and an automatic furniture painting system. The total value of the project is EUR 1,163,309. By implementing this project, the company planned to create advanced technological conditions in the company and a system for organising the technological process and work. The full implementation of the technological innovations has created a technological base for the company that will ensure a very high quality of products, thus creating a significant competitive advantage in the sector,’ said Elinskienė.

The quarantine scared us but didn't stop us

According to the Head of UAB Raguvos baldai ir Ko, the implementation of the project started smoothly. Tensions arose as the pandemic spread around the world. The last stage of the project was the installation of the painting line, which was manufactured in Italy. ‘We all remember that Italy was one of the most affected and isolated countries at that time. We had to communicate constantly and quite intensively with manufacturers because of the constraints imposed by the quarantine in that country. We were also in constant consultation with the LBSA representatives, coordinated the terms of equipment delivery, the time of arrival of technicians and the installation of the production line. Cooperation with the Agency’s specialists went smoothly and in good faith. We can only thank fate that everything worked out,’ said Elinskienė. ‘The technologies being deployed are aimed at digitising furniture production. After the implementation of the project, the company’s production management and production became fully automated. This allows us to reduce production costs and increase productivity, production capacity, sales and export volumes and, of course, the company's competitiveness.’

The new painting line will significantly increase the volume of painted products and improve their quality. With greater capacity, the company will be able to offer new markets high-quality painted bathroom furniture, the demand for which is constantly growing.

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