The company Cosmoway is one of the fastest growing cosmetics manufacturers in Lithuania, whose success is also supported by cooperation with the Lithuanian Business Support Agency (LBSA); Cosmoway is a partner in five completed and ongoing projects.

Certificates help exports

The company’s core business is private label services and the development of the well-known Green Feel brand. Their products are distinguished by their openness to the consumer. The aim of these cosmetics is to ensure that the consumers feel safe knowing what they are putting on their skin, washing hair and brushing their teeth with.

‘Boldly taking full responsibility for the products we develop, we present each ingredient of the products and the reason for its use in great detail on the cartons of the products and on the website,’ says Justė Pinkevičienė, Marketing Manager of Cosmoway.

Consumer confidence is also ensured by international product certificates, which the company obtained in cooperation with the LBSA through the EU-funded measure ‘Expo Certificate LT’ (in Lithuanian: Expo sertifikatas LT).

‘With such a large supply of cosmetic products, it is becoming increasingly important for consumers to understand what they are actually putting on their body, what they use for its washing and nurturing. The interest in cosmetic ingredients has also been strongly stimulated by the rapidly growing popularity of social networks, so every international recognition – in this case, certification of products – becomes another guarantee of reliability for the consumer,’ says Pinkevičienė.

Their products have been awarded the Cosmos Natural certification as the company met extremely high quality standards at all stages of product development. This certificate is recognised worldwide and has contributed to the company’s export growth.

‘We can safely say that the Cosmos Natural certification has given us the opportunity to reach new business segments – foreign partners are looking for cosmetic products that are only approved by international certificates,’ says Pinkevičienė.

The production site is special

The company’s products are manufactured in Piliuona, Kaunas district because – as the company’s representative says – the location is geographically convenient and it is important for a cosmetic brand focused on naturalness to be closer to nature. This is appreciated not only by the company’s employees, but also by its partners from abroad. Another advantage is the extra room for expansion.

‘We have already significantly increased the area of our managed land, which will allow us to expand our warehousing and production facilities,’ says Pinkevičienė.

Another project implemented in cooperation with the LBSA has contributed to the expansion of production – two separate production lines were purchased under the EU measure ‘Digitisation of Industry LT’ (in Lithuanian: Pramonės skaitmeninimas LT).

One of them is dedicated only to the packaging and labelling of creams, and the other to the packaging and labelling of liquid products (e.g. shower gels, shampoos and bath foams).

‘These two lines have significantly increased the volume of packaged products and allow us to reduce overhead costs. This has made us even more competitive on foreign markets in terms of prices and speed,’ says Pinkevičienė.

Wholeness is key

‘Companies seeking growth, introducing innovative solutions and wanting to increase their export volumes can get financial support and professional project management assistance through successful cooperation with LBSA, all of which help them to achieve their goals. This example encourages others not to stop after the implementation of one project and to always set bigger plans for their future vision,’ says Arūnas Burinskas, Deputy Director of the Investment Management Service of the Lithuanian Business Support Agency.

Thus, even with the onset of the pandemic, Cosmoway did not stop its activities but on the contrary gained new branches and launched the production of a disinfectant liquid and hand gel through the use of the measure ‘Covid-19 products’ (in Lithuanian: COVID-19 produktai) published by LBSA. During 2020, about 175,000 units were sold in 150 ml bottles of liquid, and about 100,000 units in a larger capacity of 400 ml.
The company continues its cooperation with the LBSA – a project is being implemented under the ‘Design LT’ (in Lithuanian: Dizainas LT) instrument, and applications are also being submitted for other calls. UAB Cosmoway has also implemented an export development project through participation in foreign exhibitions under the LBSA instrument ‘New Opportunities LT’ (in Lithuanian: Naujos galimybės LT).

In total, in cooperation with the LBSA, the company received more than EUR 0.5 million in funding for projects currently being implemented or that have already been implemented.

Marketing Manager Justė Pinkevičienė summarises Cosmoway’s activities: ‘The natural composition is created in the midst of nature using only green Lithuanian energy and carefully selecting the most advanced packaging solutions.’


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