The Lithuanian Business Support Agency (LBSA) is constantly improving its business processes and the quality of public services provided. In December last year, the LBSA together with its partner UAB Rinkos tyrimų centras (Market Research Centre) conducted annual quantitative and qualitative surveys of its clients’ opinions to achieve the set objectives. 

Quantitative research was conducted by means of an online survey. Invitations to respond to the questionnaire were sent to the LBSA applicants. A total of 180 respondents took part in the survey of which 90% positively assessed the public services provided by the LBSA.  

‘The quality and availability of services is a key factor in retaining a customer and, most importantly, in attracting new customers, thus enabling businesses to increase the added value by investing EU funds. It is sometimes difficult to meet all needs, wishes and expectations when running an organisation that is governed by laws, regulations and limited resources. Every customer is individual, so it is understandable that expectations vary. The analysis of customer satisfaction and the provision of our public services allows us to identify ways to improve the quality-of-service delivery by providing specific measures compared to previous results’, says Saulius Merkys, Acting Director of the LBSA.

The quality of services provided by the LBSA was assessed quite well in the survey – 87.1% of respondents gave a score of 7–10 points on a ten-point scale, and were satisfied with the activities carried out by the LBSA. The average score was 8.3 points.
Out of the 16 factors of the LBSA activities examined during the research, the following factors of the project implementation phase were rated the best:  
The LBSA willingly helps to administer the project and provides all the necessary information: 8.8 points.
The LBSA staff members know their job and are experts in their field: 8.7 points.
The LBSA staff members make decisions objectively and impartially: 8.7 points.

‘Compared to the survey conducted in 2019–2020, the respondents are more often noticing the positive tendencies of the LBSA activities. Process management is improving, the LBSA’s attitude towards applicants applying for EU support has changed substantially, and there is a greater flexibility and adaptation to the changing business environment. A goodwill support of project managers is noted, and their willingness to help with project implementation’, says Edmundas Bražėnas, Partner of UAB Rinkos tyrimų centras (Market Research Centre).

During the in-depth and qualitative research, respondents also noted that they received continuous support and assistance from the LBSA. The LBSA is assessed as being an ‘always open and ready to help’ agency, and if additional assistance is needed there are no obstacles to receiving it, and an online meeting is promptly organised.  

Extremely fast communication – availability by phone or e-mail, and the speed of submitting clarifications or answers – is the strong point of the LBSA. It is unanimously underlined that this distinguishes it from other agencies.
The majority of the respondents noted that the LBSA had done an excellent job in eliminating the negative impact of the pandemic on the implementation of projects, showing flexibility and adapting and easing the burden on businesses during that difficult period. According to the target group, Covid-19 has had little or practically no impact on the application and evaluation phases.

Research participants are aware of the webinars organised by the LBSA and participated in them. The quality of the events organised and live-streamed is assessed positively both in terms of content and technical aspects. This format is assessed as very convenient, especially by residents outside the capital. The consultants highlight the positive change – all the issues raised during the webinars are consolidated, resolved and made public, and then followed up as communicated.
‘The LBS Agency is seen as a partner that is interested in the success of the project and is ready to provide assistance and information at every stage of the project financing. The fact that the LBSA is the agency most likely to be recommended by the respondents among other funding agencies is both gratifying and helpful. However, there is always room for improvement’, says Agnė Vaitkūnienė, Director of the LBSA’s Investment Management Service.

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