The Lithuanian Business Support Agency (LBSA) has completed the evaluation of 895 applications for the measure ‘Creative Checks Covid-19’ (Kūrybiniai čekiai COVID-19) of which 621 had a positive outcome and were submitted to the Ministry of Economy and Innovation for decision on their financing.

EUR 7 million was allocated to the call for proposals and the amount of EUR 49.3 million requested in the applications received exceeded the budget of the measure seven times – the successful applications would require EUR 32.94 million.

Meanwhile, the available funds will be enough to satisfy 110 applications under the measure, which focuses on the development and implementation of original product solutions – non-technological innovations.

‘The Agency has mobilised and coped with the challenge of evaluating a huge number of applications in a limited time. We are grateful to the companies and the consultants for their cooperation, and to the LBSA staff for their personal contribution. We see that the companies have good ideas and are able to present them in a relatively short period, so we will recommend them to the Ministry to decide on the funding of the most suitable project applications according to the requirements of the Description’, says Aurimas Želvys, Director of the LBSA.

He points out that when implementing projects following the competitive selection procedure, not only will the promoters  benefit from the measure but also the creative industries, who will provide innovative services to the promoters.

The LBSA evaluated all applications within 80 days to enable companies to carry out in the post-pandemic period plans as soon as possible. This will increase the attractiveness of their products or services, and give impetus to higher demand and productivity of the company’s operations.

‘This is ten days shorter than required by the EU Investment Project Administration and Financing Rules and the Description’, says Giedrė Indriulienė, Head of Business Sustainability Projects Division of the LBSA. According to her, the Agency will aim to sign contracts for the successful project applications by the end of this year.

The LBSA reminds us that the aim of the measure ‘Creative vouchers Covid-19’ (Kūrybiniai čekiai COVID-19) is to encourage businesses to use innovative services provided by entities operating in the creative and cultural industries. This is to create and implement original design and marketing solutions through artistic and cultural expression.

Expenditure relating to the development and implementation of original product solutions, i.e. product and service design development and marketing solutions, are eligible under this measure. Giedrė Indriulienė points out that the costs of marketing innovations will only be eligible if they are allocated to the product for which the design has been developed and/or implemented.

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