Post Day is celebrated on 9 October, the date on which the Universal Postal Union was founded in 1874, as the specialised body of the League of Nations to organise and improve international postal communications.

A hundred years ago, a simple telegraph sent from the Gediminas Tower telegraph antenna took about two hours to reach St Petersburg or Warsaw. Thirty years ago, on 10 October 1991, the Internet arrived in Lithuania from Norway. According to Professor Adolfas Laimutis Telksnys, the first black and white photo from Oslo to Vilnius also took two hours over the Internet. Today, Lithuania is renowned as one of the most advanced developers of high-speed Internet.

‘The Lithuanian Business Support Agency indirectly contributes to improving international relations and communication. The measures ‘DPT pramonei LT+’ (High Impact Technologies for Industry LT+), ‘Pramonės skaitmeninimas LT’ (Digitisation of Industry LT), ‘Regio potencialas LT’ (Regio Potential LT) and ‘Skaitmeniniai inovacijų centrai’ (Digital Innovation Centres) occupy a significant part of the LBSA’s measures portfolio. The total amount of all contracts under management amounts to EUR 2.6 bn. Measures such as ‘E. komercijos modelis Covid-19’ (E-Commerce Model Covid-19), ‘Kūrybiniai čekiai’ (Creative Vouchers) and ‘SmartInvest LT+’ also contribute to the promotion of digital innovation in the country, providing access to up-to-date information for industrial enterprises, greater opportunities for enterprises to carry out research and experimental development (R&D) and innovation (R&D&I) activities, and greater access to technologies and equipment,’ says Aurimas Želvys, Deputy Director of the Lithuanian Business Support Agency.
The letterboxes that once adorned the doors and gates of many homes are now disappearing unnoticed. Of course, this does not diminish the importance of the profession of postal workers, who work hard and often risk their health or even their lives. Unfortunately, the workers are cycling less and less, and deliver less good news in paper envelopes. According to statistics, in the USA, for example, rural dogs attack postmen 6,000 times every year – that is, 16 times every day.

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