Such a title for the company’s success story was proposed by its director Valdas Bukšnys, whose company has received over EUR 3.5 million in EU investments for six projects under contracts with the Lithuanian Business Support Agency (LBSA).

UAB Printela started producing self-adhesive labels 24 years ago. Today, following the needs of consumers and keeping pace with modern technologies, the company operating in Kaunas offers not only adhesive, but also textile, screen printing, raw material labels and flexible packaging produced by digital printing.

A small element intended for the consumer – a label attached to the item – is critical to business success. Being one of the leaders in this field, Printela helps its customers to achieve goals by offering a variety of choices, quality and speed, usually fulfilling orders within three days, and especially urgent ones within a day.

Pioneers of advanced equipment

‘If not for the support of the LBSA, we probably wouldn’t have carried out our first major digitisation project in 2018, because the amount was huge – the investment estimate at the time was around EUR 5 million. The project also required new premises so a new building was being constructed, and we needed additional equipment that wasn’t financed by the LBSA,’ says Bukšnys.

According to Bukšnys, the implementation of the first project co-financed by EU funds and the conviction of its success created the motivation to seek financing for immediate investments to support the company’s other ambitions.

Since 2016, when the company’s first contract with the LBSA was signed, Printela has received EU funding under the measures ‘E-business LT’ (E-verslas LT), ‘High Impact Technologies (HIT) for Industry (DPT pramonei), and twice under the measures ‘New opportunities LT’ (Naujos galimybės LT) and ‘Industrial Digitisation LT’(Pramonės skaitmeninimas LT) after submitting high-quality and economically feasible projects.

‘Today, we are the pioneers of digital printing – the only ones in Lithuania who can offer certain state-of-the-art services and solutions in the label and flexible packaging market,’ says Bukšnys, and recalls that, ‘In 2010, we were the first in Lithuania to acquire the world’s most modern digital label production equipment; in 2018, we were the only ones in the country to start producing flexible packaging for small and medium runs, and we were the only ones in northern Europe to acquire a water-based glue film laminating machine’.

Two important purchases in the company were made this year. Printela, the only company of its kind in the Baltics, has acquired a label laser die-cutting finishing machine, as well as state-of-the-art flexible packaging equipment for small and medium runs.

We will keep growing our business with a reliable team

‘A lot of equipment was purchased with the support of the LBSA, and it is obvious that without it, these projects would have been quite difficult to complete. Thanks to new services and products, we were able to successfully withstand the challenges of the pandemic and increased our sales abroad by about 20%’, says Bukšnys.

LBSA director Aurimas Želvys emphasises that companies moving towards the digitisation of production always have a competitive advantage. ‘Without innovation you will not survive on the market for long – that is why the specialists of the Agency try to help all project implementers to realise their aspirations in the most efficient way’, he explained.

According to the head of Printela, thanks to the smooth, friendly and professional communication with the LBSA, the company will undoubtedly continue to carry out innovative projects in the future, which will allow it to remain a leader in the field of digital printing.

‘And we certainly have new ideas. To achieve our company’s goals, we follow the principle: if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with a team! The team is the company’s greatest asset and the most precious investment of all time’, says Bukšnys, who does not lack optimism and kind words for the team.



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