The Ministry of Economy and Innovation invites municipal and regional project promoters to apply for the national selection of the European Enterprise Promotion Awards, organised by the European Commission. The aim of these awards is to recognise and reward outstanding public and private cooperation initiatives that promote entrepreneurship. It is not only a competition, it also aims to broaden the concept of entrepreneurship, to promote policies and implementation of business-friendly environments and to highlight business success stories.

The winners of the European Enterprise Promotion Awards are selected from among the national shortlisted winners from 32 European countries in the following nominations: Fostering the Entrepreneurial Spirit, Investing in Skills, Improving the Business Environment, Promoting the International Expansion of Business, Promoting the Development of Green Markets, and Resource Efficiency and Responsible Business. There is also a special prize for the most creative and inspiring business initiative.

The main objectives of the awards are:
·  identifying and recognising successful activities and initiatives undertaken to promote entrepreneurship and cooperation;
·     showcasing and sharing the best examples and success stories of cooperation;
·     further emphasising the importance of the role of cooperation in society;
·     encouraging and inspiring cooperation.
Applications can be submitted under one of the following nominations:
·     Fostering the Entrepreneurial Spirit
·     Investing in Entrepreneurial Skills
·     Improving the Business Environment and Supporting Digital Transformation
·     Promoting the International Expansion of Business
·     Financing Sustainable Transformation
·     Award for Responsible Business
The winners of the national selection in 2020 were the project ‘Kauno startuoliai’ (Kaunas Start-ups) of public institution VšĮ Kaunas IN (category − Investing in Entrepreneurial Skills) and the project ‘Palangiškio kortelė’ (The Palanga Citizen Card) of the Palanga City Municipality (category − Responsible Business).
Applications must be submitted by 17 June 2021 in Word and PDF formats to [email protected].
IMPORTANT: Applications must identify ongoing or recently completed initiatives in the field of policy development, entrepreneurship or education and their impact on the region or locality concerned, showing their progressive development over a period of at least 15 months.   
For more information on the awards please visit the website at:
Information from the Ministry of Economy and Innovation

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