The tool for selection of European union investment measures has been presented

The Ministry of Economy and Innovation has developed a tool for selecting European Union investment measures aimed at facilitating the search for EU investment opportunities. 
References to the proposed funding instruments will be provided according to the selected criteria using the tool for search of EU measures. Potential applicants will have to indicate the type and size of organization, type of activity, duration of operation, area of ​​interest and other relevant information required for grouping of EU investment measures. Based on the information provided, the system will provide a list of relevant EU investment measures administered by the Ministry of Economy and Innovation.
‘The created tool - website - will help to find useful information on relevant EU investment business instruments of LVPA, INVEGA, ESFA, and MITA faster. This will contribute to a more efficient development, improvement of the corporate communication and service system of agencies under the Ministry of Economy and Innovation on a one-stop shop basis. Modelling services from the client perspective enhances opportunities for EU investment and value creation for clients and other stakeholders,’ notices Aurimas Pautienius-Želvys, Director of the Lithuanian Business Support Agency.
‘There is a lack of user-friendly real-time information about the EU investment opportunities when informing and communicating with companies of different sizes in Lithuanian cities and regions. This is especially important for new clients who are considering opportunities or applying for the first time. The use of different financial instruments will become increasingly common in the future, so it is natural that the client is interested in information provided on a one-stop-shop basis regardless of an agency administering financial instruments. Collaboration is more productive,’ notes the head of the institution.
The search tool can be found in the section ‘Calls for proposals’ of the Lithuanian Business Support Agency or at
We invite you to explore the EU investment and business development opportunities!

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