Two more support opportunities for self-employed people

Self-employed people can once again apply for business liquidity subsidies, and will soon be eligible for another form of support – reimbursement of part of their fixed operating costs.

This was made possible when only EUR 5.6 million of the EUR 20 million granted for subsidies to self-employed people affected by Covid-19 under the call valid until 1 June, was allocated.

On the proposal of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Innovation, the Government has allocated EUR 2.4 million from unallocated funds to subsidies under the call to support the liquidity of the activities of self-employed people affected by Covid-19, and EUR 12 million in compensation under the call to cover part of the fixed costs of the activities of self-employed people affected by Covid-19.

The call for subsidies was published by the State Tax Inspectorate (STI) and will be open until 1 September. Applications can be submitted via the ‘Mano VMI’ (My STI) system. The STI will forward the applications received to the Lithuanian Business Support Agency (LBSA), which will assess them in accordance with the requirements set out in the description and submit them to the Ministry of Economy and Innovation for funding. The funding is provided by order of the Minister.

INVEGA will publish a call for compensation.

One applicant may receive one subsidy and/or one compensation for specific premises as defined in point 44.5 of the description to cover part of the fixed costs.

It should be noted that those who received a subsidy under a call valid until 1 June will not be able to submit a new application. At the same time, self-employed people who were not awarded the subsidy in the first call will be able to reapply for the grant.

However, both may apply for reimbursement of part of the fixed costs of the activity. That is to say, self-employed people who were awarded a grant under the call valid until 1 June and who did not receive a grant under the same call are also eligible for this type of support.

For more information, see the STI notification.

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