The activity of AB Higėja is the production of household and professional products such as soaps, detergents, cleaners and disinfectants. Together with the Lithuanian Business Support Agency (LBSA), this company has successfully implemented a number of projects supported by the EU Structural Funds.

A project to modernise and digitise the household chemicals production process is currently underway. The agreement with the LBSA provides for funding of EUR 126,000. Modern technologies will be used for the digitisation of household chemicals production: automatic tank filling and labelling equipment, an automated dosing system and robotic weighing-dosing equipment for bulk products are being installed. This will significantly improve productivity.

‘The packaging process of powdered products such as descaling powder and curtain washing salt used to involve a lot of manual work, so we decided to update it to make it more convenient and functional. The new equipment will pick up, weigh and pour the required powder into a bag and seal it. It will definitely reduce manual work and be more convenient for consumers’, says Mantas Dyburis, the company’s director.

The company took advantage of the support provided under the Covid-19 measure for the production of its most popular disinfectant products such as ADK-611 and ADK-612. ‘Now the production of disinfectant liquids is declining – perhaps many people have sufficient stocks? Also, the public has relaxed a bit as well, as the peak of disinfectants popularity was in 2019. Today, Kurmis, the well-known sanitary drain cleaner, remains the most popular product on the market in terms of units sold’, notes Dyburis.

Currently, the project ‘Design Development of AB Higėja Products’ is also being intensively developed using the support under the direct export promotion measure ‘New Opportunities’. ‘This measure has undoubtedly helped a lot. Participation in exhibitions has brought direct benefits as we have expanded our export markets. Exports to Latvia, Estonia, Uzbekistan, Moldova and Russia have increased, and since last year we have also found our way to the Kazakhstan market. We are pleased with our improving export statistics’, says Dyburis.

‘I think that the LBSA works flexibly in all situations and supports business – it helps, advises, understands, and is flexible in dealing with unforeseen circumstances that arise’, adds the director, in appreciation of the work of the LBSA specialists.
‘We are glad that the projects developed by our partners contribute to the implementation of the Investment Promotion and Industrial Development Programme 2014–2020, and to the objectives approved by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania – to modernise, integrate and develop industry, and to make more efficient use of raw materials and energy. We hope that in this way we will all contribute to the implementation of the principle of sustainable development with a reduction of the negative impact on the environment. Businesses will gain a competitive advantage, perform production processes faster and with higher quality, and will be able to fulfil large orders and expand the range of products’, says Saulius Merkys, Acting Director of the LBSA.

AB Higėja is also proud of its professional cleaning chemistry, which you’ll not find on the store shelves – the company works closely with laundries, hotels, restaurants, the food industry, and meat and dairy producers by directly supplying its products. Cleanliness is needed everywhere, and the team of AB Higėja knows how to ensure it.

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