‘In the event of crises such as the pandemics caused by Covid-19, the benefits of public sector measures for companies are the greatest’, said Arūnas Burinskas, Deputy Director of the Investment Management Service of the Lithuanian Business Support Agency (LBSA).
Burinskas was presenting the new business support measure ‘Kūrybiniai čekiai Covid-19’ (Creative Vouchers Covid-19) on the video portal

The instrument is aimed at both businesses and developers

He believes now is the best time for companies to invest in themselves; however, access to financial resources is limited for many.

‘Which credit or financial institution can now trust companies affected by the pandemic and take the risk of lending? This is therefore the time when the public sector and the state step in and take the risk, and make offers to companies to improve their productivity and the quality of their goods or services’, says the LBSA expert.

Burinskas is convinced that it is precisely these investments that can increase the competitiveness of a company in domestic and international markets, while for others, such financial injections can help them survive during a pandemic.

Until 31 August, micro, small and medium-sized enterprises are invited to apply for the new ‘Creative Vouchers Covid-19’ instrument, which is intended to help businesses acquire services from the creative and cultural industries.

The main objective of the measure is to encourage businesses to invest in services for the development of original non-technological product solutions, and create and implement design and marketing innovations.

The maximum possible amount of financing is EUR 70,000, the minimum is EUR 20,000. The subsidy received can cover up to 75% of the total costs.

‘This measure has a dual purpose: it is designed to support the creative and cultural industries and those working there, while at the same time helping companies to develop and implement design and marketing innovations. Indeed, although only legal persons can be applicants, the costs can also be incurred by natural persons working in the cultural and creative sector, or even within the same company when submitting an application and providing documentation to support the costs. In simple terms, the measure directly supports companies receiving a non-refundable subsidy and indirectly supports individuals working in the creative and cultural sector’, Burinskas explained.

We are ready to answer your questions

Erika Godlevska, Director of VšĮ ‘Ateities visuomenės institutas’ (PI Future Society Institute), who took part in the discussion added that one of the aims of this instrument is to help businesses integrate with the creative and cultural industries to develop innovative solutions.

‘This can be text writing, translation, photography, music creation, animation ... It is obvious to everyone that in today’s digital space it is important to be innovative and compete with original ideas’, said Godlevska.

The LBSA organised the training, which was attended by almost 250 interested people.
During the remote seminar, design and branding expert Algirdas Orantas talked about design integrity, Monika Kemežytė-Vaitiekūnienė, Deputy Head of the Business Sustainability Projects Division, gave a detailed and comprehensive presentation of the Creative Vouchers Covid-19 instrument itself, and Rasa Mockutė, Senior Expert of the Project Development and Evaluation Division, explained the subtleties of the state aid requirements.

All information of these seminars is available on the website, and LBSA specialists are ready to answer any questions the applicants may have.

‘As this is a very popular measure we expect a large number of applicants, so it is very important to prepare the documents carefully so there are fewer questions when assessing the applications and deciding which applicants will be awarded the subsidy’, said Burinskas.

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