Structure and contacts


Contacts of Public Institution Innovation Agency
J.Balčikonio str. 3, LT-08247 Vilnius

Consultations about starting and developing business available by e-mail. [email protected]  or free of charge number 8 700 77 055.

Contact information and consultants
Position Name, surname Phone Email
Director of General Business Competences Department Patricija Kalkytė +370 652 64 801 [email protected]
Director of International Development Department Rasa Uždavinytė +370 645 51 072 [email protected]
Director of Breakthrough Areas Department Paulius Petrauskas +370 604 78 805 [email protected]
Director of Investment Management Department Agnė Vaitkūnienė +370 645 53 173
Director of Strategy and Risk Management Department  Saulius Merkys +370 616 46 062 [email protected]
Director of Operational Management Department Jolanta Miloš +370 611 28 948 [email protected]
Head of Organisation Development Division Ieva Kaminskienė +370 687 07 065 [email protected]
Head of Marketing and Communication Division Jolita Mažeikienė +370 686 58 356 [email protected]
Head of Research and Analysis Division Jonė Kalendienė +370 659 53 599 [email protected]
Head of Finance and Accounting Division Vaida Ražanauskė +370 646 10 547 [email protected]

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